Velociteach PMP Review: Bootcamp + Self-Study Bundle

I first discovered Velociteach PMP after purchasing Pass PMP Exam on First Try by Andy Crowe which is his company. I used his book as my bible for practising to pass the PMP exam, ironically on my second try. It wasn’t till writing this article I realized the online courses and classes they also have available. You have 3 real options:

  1. Self Study with Book (1 Sample Exam) $99
  2. Self Paced PMP Exam Prep Bundle (4 Sample Exams) $388+
  3. 4 Day Bootcamp via Live Virtual Classes (Live Instructor + Guarantee to Pass) $2,447+

I will try layout all the training options for you so you can make the best decision to help you get your PMP certificate. There are lots of factors to sway your decision based on budget, time, experience and end goals.

Velociteach PMP Self-Study Options

Firstly, I can’t recommend The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try enough. One of the most comprehensive straight the point exam-focused books on the market selling 250,000 times

If you are like me and get distracted easily especially on a computer then having a study book is a great alternative or even addition to your PMP study plan.

Having a PMP study book complimented the way of learning of reading, writing it down, and then reviewing.

Andy’s book had an epic 200 question practice exam which was the foundation for me passing the exam. The book also had questions after each chapter too in the PMP exam format so always preparing you for the exam. Other self-study tools such as a PMP Exam Reference Guide & Exam Flashcards are available.

Velociteach was founded by Andy Crowe in 2002. Andy Crowe is a bestselling author of one of the most popular PMP prep books available for aspiring project management professionals.

There is no need to buy brand new as people pass the exam and sell on the book (well that’s what I did). I personally bought the book a second-hand version on amazon and passed it after. Just make sure you buy the 6th+ version which includes agile for the 2021 changes.

As an extra you can always buy sample exams from the Velociteach store here to compliment your self study learning plan so you get the best of both worlds.

Addressing the PMP 2021 Exam Changes

2021 New PMP Exam
PMI Launched New PMP Exam in 2021 with a strong focus on Agile methodologies

From January 2, 2021, the PMP exam outline and the content will change to adapt to the current times. The biggest changes are:

  • The PMP Exam is 180 questions vs 200 and has an extra break.
  • Agile is going to MUST and will feature heavily in the exam (PMBOK 6th Edition doesn’t address this)
  • Questions will be a combination of multiple-choice, multiple responses, matching, hotspot, and limited fill-in-the-blank
  • New Authorized Training Partner (ATP) to reduce low-quality trainers online such as on Udemy

Velociteach is not an ATP. They an REP and we were even voted best of the best from all training REPs.

When the REP program was retired, they chose not to join the ATP Program. All ATPs are required to use PMI’s materials (which they partnered with a non REP, non ATP, non-project management training company to produce this curriculum). As an ATP they could not write their popular book, create their online courses or even hold the boot camps they teach using our mind-mapping methodologies. However, our materials still provide everything someone needs to prepare, sit and pass the exam.

PMP Exam Unknowns

Is PMP exam really that hard?

The exam has 80% fail rate on first try giving the perception that the exam is really hard. It is really hard if you don’t prepare for the type of exam questions you will be asked as they use double negative and are designed to trick exam takers.

What does the designation PMP mean?

Project Management Professional is what PMP designation stands for and is recognized by the PMI which is the Project Management Institute.

What is on the PMP certification test?

The exam recently updated to have 50% adaptive type questions geared towards agile and 50% of traditional project management also know n as waterfall

Velociteach Bundle
Velociteach PMP Training Bundle Overview + Agile Modules

Self Paced PMP Exam Prep Bundle

The self-paced PMP exam prep bundle is pretty much everything Velociteach has available on PMP without providing you access to the virtual PMP Bootcamp. Its excellent value for money when you consider the book costs $140+ to buy new and only has one exam. With the bundle, you get 3 practise exams with questions difficulty at PMP’s level.

  • 35 hours of audio & video training, exercises, formula sheets, and more
  • 1100 practice questions and explanatory answers
  • Project Plan Stack Exercise
  • Earned Value Practice Exercises
  • 3 mocking full PMP exams ($39 each x 3 = $118)
  • Reference guides ($18)
  • Complementary worksheets, flashcards, and matrixes ($25)

Velociteach provides you complementary sources like the “The Savvy PM” blog and “Manage This” podcasts to help you develop more understanding and the “PMI mindset”. All coming from a solid team of PMP subject matter experts with more aconronyms that you can handle.

Velociteach guarantee for PMP Instructor Lead Training

When you complete the training you will also receive a Certificate of Completion after completing 35 Contact Hours (required for earning PDUs) and most importantly Money-back guarantee if you do not pass the exam after 3 attempts within 1 year.

In that sense, Velociteach provides an interesting approach: The Complete PMP® 6th Edition Exam Prep Bundle; this 4 in 1 package includes several resources aiming to complement your study plan including more than 1100 practice questions and online training.

Mobile learning app sold separated: To get a better training experience on a mobile device you must buy the “InSite” app separated from the bundle, specially designed for that purpose; however, you can survive without the app and get to your training material with a little bit of commitment and patience from your side.

All the course material is still accessible from mobile or tablet devices so for me this is not a blocker. Its a nice extra just like getting flash cards but won’t be fundamental to you passing – that is practice exams.

The cost for “The Complete PMP® 6th Edition Exam Prep Bundle” pack varies depending on the length of the access period: $388 for 1 month, $580 for 3 months, and $660 for 6-month; therefore, depending on your study plan or PMP exam schedule date you could choose the option more suitable for you.

Claim a 20% discounted rate for the PMP Prep bundle please click this link.

the pmp looks fine to me review velociteach

Velociteach Virtual Live PMP Classes

The last option is the most expensive option but worth it if you can afford it. If you have an exam coming up and left it last minute this is the best option for you.Its a 4-day virtual boot camp held every 2 weeks taught by some of the great PMI leaders of that Velociteach has on hand including:

  • Bob Mahler, PMP, M.B.A., PMI-RMP, Instructor
  • Greg Stevens, MA, MS, Ph.D, PMP, PMI-ACP, Instructor
  • Harold Samson, PMP, PMI-ACP, MA, AAMS, Instructor
  • Jason Breitfeller, PMP, MBA, PMI-ACP, BEE, CSM, Instructor
  • Johnny Webb, MS, MBA, ITIL Expert, Instructor
  • Frank Polack, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, SA, Instructor
  • Margo Love, PMP, Six Sigma Black Belt, BS, FMLI, Instructor
  • Alan Zucker, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, SA, ITIL, MA, Instructor

The 4-days covers everything you need to pass the exam and removes all stress of self-studying on your own. You get to join a group of peers who are serious about PMP and ready to get qualified. You can book a spot here.

Personalized PMP Study Plan by Velociteach

If you fail the PMP exam Velociteach will review your exam analysis report and create a unique PMP study plan based on your results. If you fail 3 times they will with no questions asked refund 100% of your money.

Velociteach – Live, Virtual Classes for PMP® Exam Preparation

Velociteach PMP Bootcamp Testimonials

students testimonials
Student Testimonials from Velociteach Website

Conclusion on Velociteach PMP Options

As mentioned I have laid out the 3 main options you have with Velociteach and they have something for everybody’s situation and budget.

The 4 day bootcamp stands on its own two feet. You get trained by experts who have the goal of making sure you are ready to pass the exam. If you have the funds, bite the bullet and go with the 4-day PMP Bootcamp option.

The book is fantastic with a great sample exam. You could always buy extra exams in the store. What this option doesn’t get you are 35 contact hours a requirement to apply for the PMP exam. If you don’t need the contact hours and in no rush studying this is a great option. Get the book today on Amazon.

Finally, the PMP Bundle is the best option for those who are serious about passing PMP and no under time pressure. You get all material from the book, extra exams and 35 contact hours + extra 12 contact hours for completing the exams. It really sets you up for success with great value for money so my final recommendation is the PMP Bundle by Veloicteach.

Other Training Options

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