7 x Value Stream Map Template – Word, Excel

A value stream map is a process that visualizes the steps needed to transform a request into a service or a good. It is a product’s path of production that starts with a supplier and ends with a customer.

VSM VS Process Map

Value stream amp provides an overview of the delivery of your organizational value and sets the ground for the management of the value stream. On the other hand, a process map is used by engineering teams and offers insights into every process, optimising organizations’ existing operations. 

Segments of a Value Stream Map

There are three segments of the value stream map

  • Process or production flow

In the process or production flow, the process flow is drawn from left to right including parallel and subtasks. It makes it easier to identify the main tasks occurring frequently throughout the process.

  • Communication or information flow

In the communication or information flow, communications within the value stream are shown. Communication does not follow a standard and can occur in any direction. 

  • Travel distances and timelines

Timelines are set at the bottom of the map. It sets the lines to communicate the time-related measurement of data in process improvement. The line placed at the bottom shows the travel distance through the process.

Value Stream Map Template Word

Value Stream Map Template - Word
Visual Stream Map Template – Word

Value Stream Map Template Excel

Value Stream Map Template PowerPoint

Value Stream Map Template - PowerPoint
Value Stream Map Template – PowerPoint

Benefits of Value Stream Map

A value stream map is an effective tool to evaluate work processes and business. It is beneficial to organizations of all extents. Some of the benefits of the VSM are

  • They provide an insight into the perspective of the customer
  • They serve as a language that examines and observe the stream
  • They help with the detection of inefficiencies in processes
  • They help employees develop an understanding of the work system
  • They serve as a tool to improve production workflows

Value Stream Map Online Tools


Visualize the important steps of specific processes and easily quantify the volume and time taken by each step using the Creately Value Stream Map template. 

Value Stream Map Tool - Creately


The Lucidchart value stream map template can help analyse and illustrate the steps for the production of products or to deliver services and achieve higher efficiency levels.

Value Stream Map Tool - Lucidchart


The Miro value stream mapping template helps you understand repeatable processes and allows for optimization according to your needs.

Value Stream Map Tool - Miro

Visual Stream Map Analysis and Best Practices

The VSM can be split into four stages which are described below

  • Preparation

This is a crucial first step to successfully implementing the map. A competent team is gathered in this step which comprises cross-functional team members and a manager to set guidelines. 

During this period, the manager and the team should identify the objectives, prepare plans, and measure the scope of the events the team might come across.

  • Current State Map

The current state map helps discover wasteful and ineffective practices in the existing system and find methods to eliminate them. It needs information gathering and to gather information, you’ll need to walk down the product path and travel through the factory. 

  • Future State Map

The next step is to draw the map for the future state. While you draw the current state map, you must have identified the areas of waste and overproduction in the current system.

  • Planning and Implementation

The final step is to implement the ideal path of production and create an action plan. The best way is to break down the future state map and proceed with implementing changes.

Value Stream Map FAQs

In which situation would you use a value stream map?

VSM can be used to optimize a process, especially where the process has repeatable steps and multiple handoffs.

What are the limitations of value stream mapping?

VSM might fail in instances where multiple products are having no identical material flow map. It lacks value in terms of economic measures i.e operating costs, profit, and inventory expenses.

How does value stream mapping reduce the lead time?

The VSM acts as a lean tool and uncovers the wastes in the production and supply process through a separation of value-added and non-value-added steps and then a reduction in non-value-added steps.

Is value stream mapping continuous improvement?

The goal of VSM is the continuous improvement of processes and to positively impact profits. Inefficiencies and cost reductions from process improvements are combined to improve the bottom line of the organization.

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