Review of the Best PMP Course on Udemy 2023

When choosing a PMP course on Udemy you should realize it’s not a one size fits all. Let’s take a look at some of the best Udemy PMP Review.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is a great resource and has loads of excellent trainers on PMP and many other subjects. I have tried narrow it down to make your choice a bit easier. The beauty of Udemy is that their courses are a lot more affordable compared to other options. They are just as high-quality if mt more with continued support.

Udemy PMP Review

Udemy PMP Review
Udemy PMP Review

In my opinion, to choose the best course it really depends on what type of learner.

If you like learning on demand: Udemy is the way to go with videos available to learn asap (Some Udemy courses can also provide you the 35 contact hours you need to apply for PMP)

If you like physical classrooms: Just avoid the knowledge academy (they have an awesome marketing page but has I highlight in my study guide book, not the best material)

The one other thing to factor in is if you are paying for it yourself or can expense it with your company. If you can afford the live training, it speeds everything up and answers your questions with immediate feedback.

The way I see it there are 3 levels of people who take the PMP exam:

Level 1 : Junior Project Manager

Just beginning their career in project management and eager to get certified to land a higher paying job. Previously worked in coordinator roles within PMO.

No bias in how things are “really” done in workplaceNeeds a bit more exposure and working examples.

Level 2 :  Acting Project Manager

Title is not a project manager but everything about their job is project management. Want to formalize their position with PMP certification to give them a platform for their next career move.

Eager to learn and a very adaptable person. Could doubt their ability and second guess their stance on situations.

Level 3 : Senior Project Manager 

Already certified/trained in project management maybe even PRINCE2 and looking at furthering their career opportunities with PMP certification.

Lots of project experience and understand the process and documentation flowsBias on how things get actually done in real world vs how the PMI perceives it.

PMP Training Everybody Needs

The criteria for any training you choose should be:

  • 35 Contact Hours
  • At Least 1 Sample Exam

You need the 35 contact hours to apply for the exam. Having as many sample exams is the secret to passing. Obviously if you just read a book it will have extra sample exams but you can’t count it towards 35 contact hours.

Review of Best PMP Course on Udemy 

Joseph Philips is by far the best PMP course with (51,106 ratings) and 151,288 students. 

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Joseph Phillips, like me who works in Software Project Management. I actually discovered Joseph via his YouTube videos which are very high quality so I have no doubt the course is of the same quality. 

Joseph has written a number of books on software development and project management. If you are looking for an interesting read outside your PMP studies check out his book called Vampire Management: Why your Job Sucks. 

His course includes:

  • Two 200-question final exams
  • 20-questions in each PMBOK Guide, 6th edition section
  • Assignments and discussion
  • Coaching sections throughout to keep you motivated 

This course is NOT for new project managers

This course is NOT for project managers seeking a project management guide

Check out the video below from Joseph….

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