The Projectless Manager – Book from Distributed Project Managers

I originally wrote this article on virtual portfolio planing for the newly published book called The Projectless Manager. It is a collection of stories about working remotely from project managers around the world.

The Projectless Manager

56 contributors from 20 countries and produced in a 21 Day Challenge. A book of shared ideas and thoughts from this current world crisis, Covid-19, demonstrating how project managers have, in many cases, become ‘projectless managers’ but have kept on doing what they are meant to do; bring about change and improvements wherever they are engaged.

It is also a book of inspiration of what is to come in the project world when this moment in history passes and what amazing ideas people have to share, along with what they have learnt about themselves in the past few weeks that others might benefit from. A lockdown legacy!

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image001 The Projectless Manager

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