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You will need a scope of work template when you are kicking off a new project with a client. SOW documents are traditionally associated with waterfall projects but are also useful in Agile environments. For small projects, they will be sufficient to clearly outline the work required and help prevent scope creep. This should be kept to one page as the WBS will detail exactly how the work will be broken down and completed.

Statement of Work vs Scope of work

In larger projects a scope of work is a sub-section of a statement of work document. The statement of work will provide a high-level overview of what the project will entail such as the high-level description of expected outcomes, requirements, associated dependencies, costs, risks and timelines. The statement of work should be kept high-level limited to 1-2 pages providing just enough information that the benefits can be understood so it can be weighed up against other pieces of work.

Responsible for Scope of Work

A Scope of Work template should be filled in by the project manager who will be responsible for the project or the initial requestor of the piece of work. The project manager should work with the business analyst to gather all requirements and meet other stakeholders including the sponsor to ensure it covers all expected areas. The statement of work then will require a sponsor who is willing to approve the project. The next step in portfolio project management would be to review an SOW and prioritize it against other projects.

Statement of Work Examples

Scope of work Template
Example provided by: https://pmbasics101.com/project-scope/

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Scope of work ppt template free download

Scope of work Template
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Free Online Scope of Work Excel Template

Scope Management Explained Further

Scope of Work Q&A

What should a scope of work include?

A scope of work should outline all the required work required to successfully complete the project. It will consist of all steps expected to be undertaken, what processes to complete those steps, and what equipment such as hardware or software will be required.

How do you create a scope of work?

A scope of work is created in conjunction with a WBS which identifies all work required to complete the project. Then all process and tools required to complete this work is identified.

How do you define scope?

The scope is defined by gathering an understanding from all stakeholders what requirements are expected to be delivered within a project to make it successful. The scope should be clearly identified to avoid scope creep later on in the project.

What is scope creep?

Scope creep happens when new requirements are added after a project has started which leads to delays and rework. One of the underlying factors of this is when a project scope hasn’t been defined very well at the start and the requirements need to be expanded on to meet the deliverable expectations

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