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5 Random IT Team Building Activities to use at your Next Offsite

IT team offsite days can be challenging since most of the IT team usually would rather being “doing work” than this team-building stuff. One of the best ways to overcome this is with team-building games that actually involve moving and getting out of their chairs.

Everybody Up

Equipment: None

Description: Sit on the floor in pairs facing each other. Each pair is to hold hands and try and stand up without using anything to assist them getting up other than their partner. If successful they make groups of four then half the class then progress to a full class, to see if they can still complete the original activity.

Letter Scramble

Equipment: None

Description: Split the class into four even teams. The teams will then work together, using their arms, legs and bodies to form letters that the teacher instructs. They can perform the letters laying down or standing up. This activity is great for students working.

Island of Punishment

Equipment: Three crates, one plank, four hoops and blindfolds

Description: You are stuck on a desert island. There are three other islands in sight. The waters between all of them are shark infested. One island has people who are mute. One has people who are blind. One has people who are deaf. One has people who have passed out. The people who have passed out have been poisoned. The people who are mute have the antidote. All groups have to work together to get across the shark-infested waters to save the poisoned people. They only have three crates and one plank to get across. They may not stand in the water. The group who are blind have the crates and the plank.

Organisation for the activity: Each group has to stand in or around their hoop; the islands have to be about five metres apart and set out in a square; the group who are blind will be blindfolded; the group who are deaf will block their ears; the mute group will not be allowed to say anything.

Team Building Blindfold Games

Have a blindfold at hand? These two games are well worth trying out.

Hog Call

Equipment: Blindfolds

Description: Ask the group to make a line facing you. The line is in alphabetical order of your first name in reverse. For example, Hollie would be Eilloh. Make sure that if you end with the same last letter move on to the second last letter and so on. Fold line in half and this person becomes your partner. Get everyone to shake hands with their partner. Each pair will then be given a set of matching words and they must each pick one of the words and then line will move over to the other side of the gym to place on a blindfold. The aim is to find your partner again using only the word that you have chosen. For example, one person would be peanut and their partner would be butter. Before everyone puts on their blindfolds introduce the concept of bumpers (having arms up, and palms facing outwards) to protect yourself from running into other people or objects. When everyone has their blindfolds on and they are ready they must turn around three times and then try and find their partner.

Shoe Sort

Equipment: Blindfolds

Description: This activity works best inside. Students are asked to line up shoulder to shoulder; hand out one blindfold each. All students are blindfolded, and not allowed to talk. The task is to get everyone lined up in order of shoe size (They are not allowed to see or talk).

Shane Drumm

Shane is an Agile Project Manager who specialises in digital web projects. He has worked with numerous distributed teams in Asia, Europe, US and Australia. In his spare time, enjoy travelling, cycling, digital start-up ventures and hustling to help other business owners with their digital presence. Find out more about Shane on and please reach out and connect with Shane on LinkedIn.


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