Project Management Techniques & Templates

980 Work Schedule examples, Calendar & Calculator x 2

9/80 Work Schedule

9/80 work schedule is a flexible schedule consisting of 9 working hours days, a day off over a two-week work period and an 8 hour …
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11 free Resource planning template

Resource Planning Template

Resource planning template help PM’s get a head start to their planning. Using templates enables the PM to focus on the methodical resource plan to …
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Project Risk Management

Risk Management Plan Template

Managing project risk is a critical task for any project manager regardless in agile or traditional project management. Project risk management requires identifying, collating and …
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Free RAID LOG template for Google Sheets

How to use our Free RAID Log Template

In project management, the “RAID” acronym stands for “Risks, Assumptions, Issues, and Dependencies.” RAID log template is a powerful project management tool that consolidates risk …
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61 Risk Register Templates

61+ Risk Register Templates

A risk register is a project management tool used to document any possible negative outcome at all stages of a goal. They are typically owned …
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Quantitative Risk Analysis in Project Management

Quantitative Risk Analysis PMP Overview

Quantitative risk analysis assists (QRA) in identifying factors impacting individual projects or organizations by applying research methodologies with the purpose of measuring and projecting future …
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Avoid Risk

Avoid Risk in Project Management

The goal of project risk management should include establishing the objectives to increase chances and impact of positive risks occurring while simultaneously decreasing the chances …
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Stakeholder Salience Model Template

Understanding the Salience Model

The salience model is a cognitive model that attempts to explain how stakeholders prioritize and process information. The salience model (mitchell 1997) posits that stakeholders …
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Risk Exposure

Understanding Risk Exposure

The success of a project is highly dependent on the ability of the management team to avoid or control exposure to risk. Implementing effective strategies …
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Residual Risks

Residual Risk Explained

Within the field of project management, the assessment of risk exposure is crucial. It’s the most important process to ensuring an optimal outcome. This article …
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