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A project execution plan template is a document that defines the way you will execute your project. This is obvious from its name but it also addresses the project schedule to generate the project deliverables. For Agile projects, you would expect to use a story map vs a detailed plan.

Best practices for creating a project execution plan

While creating a PEP with your project team, including key strategies and benefits to help you be effective and efficient. Consider the following practices when you create your project execution plan:

1. Seek feedback.

Before you write your project execution strategy, reach out to stakeholders and customers for feedback on your ideas. Use this information to determine whether your project is feasible and consider their feedback regarding deliverables and goals.

2. Work backward from goals.

Goal statements are an essential part of the PEP. Identify goals earlier and create milestones and tasks according to your goals and target. Also, establish systems of recognition and accountability to ensure that all members of the team fulfil responsibilities.

3. Outline plans for individual tasks.

Consider creating plans for individual smaller tasks and the milestone accomplishment. This will enable you to identify which members of the team to assign tasks according to their expertise and skill levels.

4. Invite team members.

As a team leader, invite team members to create a memo that will outline the project vision and the processes. This allows every team member to highlight what initiatives and goals are important and can develop an environment where the team members feel comfortable contributing.

5. Focus on enthusiasm.

Integrate an emphasis on commitment and team enthusiasm to help you create a PEP. Focus on team success and major milestones, it can help complete the project and motivate the team members to reach their deadlines and goals on time.

The document conforms to the project or the contract requirements between the stakeholders involves. It also notes the objectives of the project along with the required resources and the project timeline to execute the project. 

Project Execution Plan Template Word

Elements of a Project Execution Plan

Project execution plans serve as a structure for project planning and execution. Just like project status reports, the PEPs indicate which components of the project are on track and which are at risk and help you deal with them before execution.

PEP templates vary and you can modify them to meet your needs. Most of them however include the following sections:

  • Overview of the project: Enter the location, name, contact information, and company of the project to ensure that the details represent the stakeholders of the project.
  • Scope of the project: Enter your project functions and features overview including details to meet the requirements of the stakeholders.
  • Goals of your project: Enter your project delivery timeline, performance goals, resource, and performance.
  • Quality Specifications: Enter the consistency, functionality, performance, and quality specifications of your project.
  • Technical Specifications: Enter performance, technical details, and reliability specifications for your project.
  • Resource Allocation: Enter details about your project resources including scheduling, personnel, and resource availability.
  • Project Schedule: Enter your project’s key activities, project’s milestones, and deliverables, including end and start dates.
  • Communication Plan: The information about the communication strategy of your project including how you will communicate the execution strategy to the project stakeholders, who would receive this communication, and how frequently the communication will be done.

Project Execution Plan Template Excel

How to Create a Project Execution Plan

  • Kickoff Meeting

A kick-off meeting enables you to communicate your strategy, actions, and process to the stakeholders and the team. You can field questions to enable every stakeholder to understand the project and has a buy-in.

  • Monitor and Control

Use project management software that can assist you in maintaining the budget, schedule, and scope of the project.

  • Real-Time Data

You’ll also need software to know if you’re not overspending and on time. Having a tool to monitor the project, but will also be great for collaboration.

  • Signoff

Handing off deliverables within budget and on time can feel like the project’s end but it’s not. There is still paperwork that needs to be done. This is not busy work but a part of the project life cycle. You’ll need to gain sign-off from the project stakeholders.

Project Execution Plan Template PPT

Project Execution Plan Template - PPT
Project Execution Plan Template – PPT

Project Execution Plan Template PDF

Project Execution Plan Template Online Tools


The Creately project execution plan template serves as a roadmap to successfully execute your project. It outlines the key activities and elements required to achieve the objectives of your project.

Project Execution Plan Template Tool - Creately

Project Execution Plan FAQs

Why do you need a project execution plan?

The PEP serves as a plan to execute communication and to ensure that every team member is knowledgeable and aware of how project objectives will be achieved.

Why is the execution phase important?

The project execution phase is important as it might reveal issues and problems, so project leaders need to be prepared and make changes.

Is execution as important as planning?

In the short run, execution is more important than planning. However, good planning is more important in the long run. Thus, the best strategy is a combination of thoughtful planning and creative execution.

What is the primary focus of the execution phase?

The main focus of the execution is to complete all the tasks outlined in the project plan.

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