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A product launch plan contains the work which must be done to release a new feature or a new product. Product launches are used to align an organization around what will be delivered, why it matters, and when. It includes everything from design, development, positioning, support, and training.

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The value of a product launch plan

Product launch plans provide clarification and coordination. Every team member can see the exact work that must be done for the launch. It keeps the team focused and helps see the work dependencies between each group product, sales, marketing, customer support, and engineering activities must be coordinated in tandem. Each group has an impact on the customer experience with the product.

Your product launch plan should contain everything from drafted announcements to QA testing to training the support team and updating billing options. While some product managers prefer creating product launch plans using spreadsheets, others create them using online tools and software.

The product launch plan is a collaborative process that involves multiple teams. When every team member understands the way their role affects the other team, it becomes easier to deliver a smooth customer experience that your users will like. 

What should a product launch plan include

Begin the draft of your product launch plan with a retrospective of previous launches. What was done well? How to improve collaboration? Were expectations clear to the team? Capture the bad and the good to improve iteratively. After reflecting upon the previous launches, focus on the next ones. Define a strategy so every team member understands what you want to achieve and how it supports the company goals and high-level product. Then outline the work for each group to complete and deliver the customer experience.

What is a product launch plan template or checklist

Break down the completed work into smaller tasks and list them as a checklist. A template or a repeatable checklist makes organizing the activities easy that are required for a product launch. It helps the team track deliverables, activities, dependencies and coordinates. A checklist indicates the readiness of the launch. Some of the common elements of a product launch template and checklist are sales, go-to-market, customer support, systems, and feedback. Organizing your template or a checklist holds the team accountable, and saves time. While the mentioned outline can be a good start, you will still want to customize your plan based on the company, product, and target audience.

Product Launch Plan Online Tools


Hit your product launch deadlines, see updates, and connect with your cross-functional teams using this Asana product launch plan template.

Product Launch Plan Template - Asana


Launching a new market can be exciting but can also turn out to be chaotic. This can happen if the launch is not organized. To launch the product smoothly, the Monday launch plan template can help organize the details or the launch strategy.

Product Launch Plan Template - Monday


The Miro board facilitate a visual guide to successfully launch the product. It can also be used to keep the stakeholders updated, collaborated, and track activities.

Product Launch Plan Template - Miro

Product Launch Plan Best Practices

  • Research in-depth

The product manager must the potential problem that the product is planned to solve. They must use research to develop a deep understanding of the end users and their unique needs.

  • Focus on buyer persona

You should reinvent the buyer persona but you may also need to outline among the audience who your target audience is for the new product. What challenges they are faced with? How do they do their work? What is the size of their team? Communicate with people to understand their goals and needs.

  • A mock press release.

Write a mock press release early on to ensure that every team member involved in the launch is aligned.

  • Get involved in the beta.

Have the beta testers evaluate the product before releasing it. 

  • Assemble a go-to-market strategy

A document of the launch activities including the market research, pricing, competitive analysis, and other relevant information that might be needed.

Product Launch Plan FAQs

What is a product launch strategy?

It defines the “why” of the launch and the goals you aim to achieve. It also defines the objectives at each stage of the launch including development work, product positioning, launch event, and QA testing. A strategy helps focus on goals after you start planning.

When should you launch a new product?

Launch time depends on your market, product, team, and audience. Generally, you should launch when you have created a minimum viable product. 

How long does a product launch last?

A product launch is not merely just a day-long event. Feature definition, positioning, and development must start months before the launch date. Support and sales training may occur a few weeks before the launch date. It’s important to have a roadmap and visualize the deliverables and dates to keep everyone in sync, informed, and on time.

What is a product release?

A product release is delivering a new customer experience, in both added value and functionality. It embodies the cross-functional work for the delivery of the customer experience and customer support. Product launches manage to enhance an existing product or manage a new one. 

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