Free PMP Practice Exam Simulator with Google Forms

This Free PMP practice exam was created for 2022 changes. It has a lot more agile questions to help prepare you for the pmp exam.

The more PMP questions you answer, the more you will be prepared for the exam. As you might know the exam isn’t just a test of your project management knowledge but how well you can handle the nasty PMI questions written deliberately to increase fail rates so their exam is more prestigious.

That is why I highly recommend doing at least one full length practice exam from the PM Prepcast Premium 2022 PMP Simulator

Best of luck in the exam and I hope my practice exam helps you prepare….

Top 3 PMP Practice Exam Simulators

A benefit from the new PMI “Authorized Training Partners” program is that all ATPs get access to official PMP practice Exam questions from PMI; hence the updated simulators will be providing a better sense of the type of questions you will be facing.

This is why we encourage you to consider selecting an exam simulator developed by an ATP organization to get proper training.

PM Prepcast Premium 2022 PMP SimulatorIndustry-leading PMP trainers who helped created the new 2022 PMP practice exam.52,100$149
Master of Project PMP Simulation ExamsNew and improved exam format based on 2021 with free demo91,600$177
Whiz Labs PMP Exam Simulator3M+ professionals and 100+ companies across the world to succeed in their careers with multitudes of courses across IT domain51,000$129.95
Premium PMP Practice Exam Simulators

Premium PMP Training Options

According to PMI, the new PMI “Authorized Training Partner Program” aimed to ensure that you will use high-quality training programs for your preparations and establish a homogenous set of high standards. This is just launched in 2021 and PM Prepcast had the inside scope by having instructors on the PMI panel.

PM PrepCast has helped 40,000+ professionals (and still counting) in achieving their dream credential and that is thanks to the amazing team they have behind them. This is the same team that has helped the PMI update their own training program and become one of the first PMI Authorised Training Partner (PMI ATP)

They have acted fast and are currently the only one 5-Day Official PMI Course that is developed and approved by PMI and be ready to tackle your PMP exam in 2021. It is taught by PMI certified instructors such as Oliver F. Lehmann who are certified to teach the course and has years of PMP exam success stories to tell.

Join the waiting list for PM Prepcast training here or read our in-depth review below:

PMP Training Provider Reviews

2021 PMP Exam Questions FAQs

How long is the PMP Exam?

The online exam is consisting of 180 questions. During the exam, you will be able to take a 10-minutes mandatory break. However, once you decide to take a break, you won’t be allowed to review your answers from part 1.

How hard is the PMP Exam?

It has a high failure rate due to the situational questions and double negatives. Also, from Jan. 2, 2021, and onwards the PMP exam will have more content to cover, which is more challenging than the current outline.

Is the PMP exam changing in 2022?

From Jan. 2, 2021, and onwards the PMP exam will have more content to cover, which is more challenging than the current outline. However, what you need to do is to occupy in developing the competencies rather than be preoccupied with how difficult the exam could be; for instance, on the document “2020 PMP® Exam Content Crossover Map v1”, you will figure out which tasks or subjects have been newly added.

Is PMP still in demand?

Yes the PMP is the leading Project Management certification and with the new changes its is adapting to Agile to follow industry best practices. These new content principles that we as PM; are currently applying to deliver our projects successfully, increase organization business value, and achieve or exceed customer satisfaction. So in that sense, you will be just confirming how good you are at doing what you do

How can I prepare for PMP 2022?

As you must probably know, one of the drivers for succeeding in the PMP exam is the use of exam simulators to build and polish your strategies and mindset. It is especially crucial for the 2021 PMP exam because of the upgraded type of questions.

How do I learn Pmbok?

It is foremost to mention that the PMP exam is NOT based on “A Guide to The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)” However, this is the main source of reference and study for the exam. Nonetheless, the PMBOK 6th edition remains a valid reference and source of knowledge for the 2021 exam prep. However, you must focus on developing your competencies based on the “Exam Content Outline” for the 2021 Exam, officially created in June 2019.

Is there a new Pmbok coming out?

Unfortunately, the official date is still unknown when the new “A Guide to The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) 7th edition” will be available. Although according to previous publications, that might be happening between Q2 to Q4 2021, depending on ANSI approval. The new PMBOK had been structured not around Knowledge Areas and ITTOs but Project Performance Domains, and in summary, the main change is the change of focus from a process-based to a principle-based standpoint. 

Further PMP Study Material to Pass Exam

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