Stress Free PMP Exam Day Tips to Pass with Confidence

Fail to Prepare – Prepare to Fail – is my personal motto so do not take anything for granted. Take out any unknowns from the PMP exam day to bring peace of mind from any unwanted distractions.

1. PMP Exam Day Plan

This is the biggest difference and without a doubt the most important thing you can do to help pass the exam – create a test plan so you have milestones breaking up the exam so you know when to take breaks giving your brain rest which is a must for a 4 hour exam. The plan is as follows….

08:30am Arrive at Exam Centre

08:45am Start Tutorial – All you need to do is click start the system is extremely straight forward to use so you can use this 15mins for writing down all your notes.

09:00am Start PMP Exam – Aim to complete 75 Questions

10:00am Take Break – go to toilet or get a drink

10:05am Restart PMP Exam – Aim to complete 150 Question

11:05am Take Food Break

11:10am Restart PMP Exam – Complete remaining 50 Questions

12:00am Take Break – go to toilet or get a drink

12:05am Start Review – Firstly go through all questions marked

01:00pm Submit Exam – Get results within a few minutes on the screen

pmp exam format

Source: PMP Exam Pattern Overview

2. Review all Marked Questions

Do not take for granted the importance of giving yourself a break it gives you time to gather your thoughts and re-motivate going into next round of questions. When attempting the exam I planned on reviewing all 200 questions but I only ended reviewing the marked questions so I recommend marking any question you have any doubt over.

3. Know What to Bring to PMP Exam

One day of exam you need arrive one half hour before your scheduled examination. You must sign in, present your identification and provide your unique PMI identification code that was emailed to you.

Notes About Identification

You need to present a non-expired government-issued identification. All forms of identification being presented at the testing centre must match your name exactly as it appears on the scheduling notification. Neither PMI nor Prometric will make any exceptions to this policy. Your identification needs to include:

  • English characters/translation
  • Your photograph
  • Your signature

In order to be admitted into the Prometric testing center, you must bring a valid, non-expired government-issued identification. Your identification needs to include:

  1. English characters/translation
  2. Your photograph
  3. Your signature (signature not necessary for CAPM and PMI-ACP exams)

If your government-issued identification does not display a photograph or a signature, a secondary form of identification may be used, which includes a photograph and/or signature (whichever is missing from the government-issued identification), and your name printed on the identification. All identification must be current (not expired).

The following are acceptable forms of government-issued identification:
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Valid military ID
  • Valid passport
  • Valid national identification card
The following are acceptable forms of secondary identification:
  • Valid employee ID
  • Valid military ID
  • Valid bank (ATM) card
The following ARE NOT acceptable forms of identification:
  • Social Security cards
  • Library cards

Not Abiding To Rules Equals Dismissal

If the test centre administrator feels you have broken one of the rules stated below they have the right to dismiss you from the examination.

  1. Using or attempting to use someone else to take the test.
  2. Failing to provide acceptable personal identification.
  3. Having access to, or using, notes or any prohibited aid related to the test.
  4. Creating a disturbance (disruptive behavior in any form will not be tolerated; the test administrator/supervisor has sole discretion in determining whether specific conduct constitutes disruptive behavior).
  5. Communicating, in any manner, with another person other than the test administrator/supervisor or proctor about the test during the administration, including attempting to give or receive assistance.
  6. Attempting to remove scrap paper from the testing room, or tearing the scrap paper.
  7. Eating or drinking in the testing room.
  8. Leaving the testing room or test center vicinity without permission.
  9. Removing or attempting to remove, examination related material, or portions of a test in any format from the testing room.
  10. Attempting to tamper with a computer.
  11. Engaging in any dishonest or unethical conduct, such as cheating.
  12. Failing to follow any other examination administration regulations set forth in PMI Certification Department policies given by the test administrator/supervisor, or specified in any examination materials. PMI’s Certification

This will be reported to the PMI who can cancel your exam scores, bar you from test centres. If your scores are cancelled your fee will not be refunded. For more information check out the official PMI Exam Scheduling Instructions.

4. Have Study Notes for PMP Exam Day

When you attempt the PMP exam you will have an opportunity to take a tutorial which is 15 minutes long. Use this time to write up all formulas and study notes you have learned off. I wrote up 3 things which took 14 minutes….

  1. All formulas – It is a must to learn off the PMP formulas and at very least learn all the earned value management formulas. It is crucial to be able to read the CPI & SPI to determine if project behind/ahead of schedule or under/over budget. The easiest way to remember this is high is good and low is bad!
  2. Process Group Table – This can be time consuming to learn so depends on how much time you have available if it is reasonable for you to learn. I only referenced it maybe 5 times total in the exam to clarify next process or help figure out an input/output. I created a post on how I quickly learnt the process group table and so can you here.
  3. Team Building – Understand the different stages of team formation and Maslows Hierarchy of needs

5. Do Not Go to Exam Center Hungry

Sounds simply but a hungry stomach will not help the situation so have a good breakfast the morning of the PMP exam maybe followed by one last attempt at my PMP practice exam.

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