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PMI-ACP® Practice Exam

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Time Starts Now (You have 4 hours in a exam but we have given you two to complete our practice test)

PMI-ACP® Exam Prep

Complete your PMI-ACP Exam Prep with our Free PMI-ACP Practice Exam. The exam will be updated monthly updated based on people’s results so easier questions can be removed and replaced with more difficult questions. Also please give us any feedback yo might have in the comments section of the exam.

Instructions for Free PMI-ACP®  Practice Exam

  1. You will see one question at a time if you want to skip click the bottom arrow.
  2. Click “list” to see answered/unanswered questions you can review.
  3. To end go to the list and click “End” and “Get Results”. You should be aiming for 70%+.
  4. You will be provided answers and explanations on each of the questions
  5. Provide feedback on the quiz so we can improve the exam for others

How I passed The PMI-ACP® exam

After learning a lot after the PMP® exam I approached the PMI-ACP® exam a lot better prepared. My strategy was based on 3 things:

Having Correct PMI-ACP® Resources

After making the mistake of relying on the PMBOK® first time round I now understand the importance of reading a book that was written to help the test taker to pass not a reference book. My main study book was the PMI-ACP Exam Prep, Second Edition: A Course in a Book for Passing the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) Exam

Taking Plenty of PMI-ACP® Practice Exams

Take as many practice exams as you can prior to the exam and try to simulate the test experience as much as possible ie.set aside 3 hours to take 120 question exam and apply the exam day strategy.

The best exam I took was the free exam in the study book I mentioned above by Mike Griffiths. Other exams I would recommend are…

Have PMI-ACP® Exam Day Strategy

Even though the exam is shorter you still should have a plan for exam day. You need to get to the center 20 minutes before you are scheduled to start the exam. You have an opportunity to write down any notes like 12 principles and other relevant information.

Aim to complete 60 questions in the first hour, next 60 in the second hour and then review all in last hour. I would recommend highlighting any question you have any doubt about as you will have plenty time to review after.

Best of Luck in the PMI-ACP® exam and don’t forget to add a comment to this PMI-ACP® practice exam if it helped you pass.

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