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Successfully adding PMP to your list of project management qualifications is one of the best career investments you can make. We created this PM PrepCast PMP review of their training offerings help you achieve this. It is a premier, professional, and competent PMP certification training provider founded by  Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM.

Cornelius Fichtner, is a registered PMP with 20 years of experience over many industries. He formerly served as a Project Management Institute (PMI®) Chapter President but has since moved on to become a founding member of PMI’s New Media Council and Social Media Advisory Group.

Cornelius founded OSP International LLC in 2006, with a mission to “Empower project managers and Agile practitioners to advance their careers through superior multi-media training.”. A by-product of OSP International has been PM PrepCast which is authorized and approved by PMI.

With over 12 years of experience in the training domain, it offers a PM certification training program and has assisted thousands of professionals in getting this global certification in the first attempt. PM PrepCast has two products to offer for PMP training.

PM Prepcast Training Options

Training OptionSuitable for You if
PMP Exam Simulator 2022Want more high-quality practice exams to build confidence to pass the PMP Exam.Get Discount Code
Premium PMP Exam Prep Course 2022You’re ready to commit to taking the PMP examJoin Waiting List
PM Prepcast Options for Aspiring PMPs

The Prepcast Team

PM PrepCast has helped 40,000+ professionals (and still counting) in achieving their dream credential and that is thanks to the amazing team they have behind them. This is the same team that has helped the PMI update their own training program and become one of the first PMI Authorised Training Partner (PMI ATP)

This replaced the REP (Registered Education Providers) system which did not uphold the training standard expected from the PMI. PMP candidates were paying for training that didn’t train students to become PMP but merely providing contact hours so they could apply for the exam. This lead to large numbers applying and failing PMP on the first try. Though there are many REP’s existing, it is suggested that the exam seekers shall enrol with ATP’s only to ensure the training offered is as per the latest ECO.

PMI Seal of Approval
PMI Seal Published on the PM Prepcast Website

Another way to combat these rogue training options PMI has announced that it shall be the sole provider of this self-paced course and the instructor-led training from ATP. PMI at present offering this self-paced course at a discounted price of $699 (against actual $799). This is considered to be a significant initiative from PMI to encourage exam seekers to avail this cost-effective instructor-led training from its registered ATP’s.

That said the PMI self-paced course by itself will mean you pass the exam. What will is having a study plan that has multiple practice PMP exams is the secret sauce that the PM Prepcast.

Another major change as part of this ATP program is the addition of a mandatory Train The Trainer (TTT) program. Meaning, instructors must pass the TTT program to be eligible to become the tutor for PMP prep courses. of the PM Prepcast have been trained in TTT and are a whose who in the project management world.

The team comprises top-class PMP trainers who have contributed their expertise in shaping the career of thousands of project professionals through training them to get their PMP credentials. The training team is powered by:

  • Cornelius Fichtner: Apart from being the founder, Cornelius is the President of leading online training companies for the PMP Prep and has coached hundreds of project managers to prepare for the PMP exam. He is a very experienced trainer with his inimitable coaching style.
  • Antje-Lehmann Benz: Antje is an experienced tutor who runs highly interactive project management and Agile courses online through classroom workshops. With her, you are all ensured about detailed knowledge on all PMP topics.
  • Oliver F. Lehmann: He is one of the renowned coaches/trainers for the PMP exam and certification. He is known as part of the bedrock of project management. He has been delivering PMP training classes since 2001 and builds his exam success on experience, and makes the workshops an interactive and joyful one.
  • Herbert H: Herbert is a trainer, assessor, and consultant with over 30 years of experience leading projects worldwide. Besides being a respected PMI volunteer, he shares his handful of experiences and knowledge throughout the training session, making it a more practically oriented and interesting one.
PM Prepcast Review Founder

Premium PMP Exam Prep Course 2022

Studying for the PMP is a stressful time. 90% of people start with reading through the PMBOK which is a huge waste of time. Then they take online exam simulators and are shocked that they aren’t getting top marks. End up buying more books or a cheap course of Udemy, book the exam and put in long hours on the build-up to the exam. Losing weekends with their friends and family while trying to balance their 9 to 5 job.

80% fail on first try because of this approach.

What they should have done is get professional training that has the primary out come of helping them pass the exam. Yes you do learn and improve as a project manager but the goal is to get PMP. This is what PM Prepcast focuses on.

If you have already studied a self-paced course (just make sure it covers 2021 changes ie.did it cover Agile?) and you are looking to fine tune your knowledge I recommend skipping to PM Prepcast Exam Simulator.

If not there are 3 things you need to consider when choosing PMP training:

Official PMI Course with 35 contact hours: To qualify and appear for the PMP exam, PMI requires an applicant to achieve 35 contact hours (PDU’s) by participating in the training/workshop program. PM PrepCast makes sure you would get a contact hours certificate once you enrol and participate in the training program.
Real PMP Exam Examples: The course material comes with lots of exam samples and study materials, with a best-in-class exam simulator that contains 2100 exam practice questions and 210 REAL cloned PMP exam questions. This, in turn, is supported by a 12-page formula guide that helps you solve all mathematical questions.
Access to PMI Certified Trainers: Having support after the training is essential as you might have further questions later on after the course that you did not think of at the time. Having trainers that PMI certified. Also, get access to the online PMP forum to ask and get expert advice from moderators and instructors

As Cornelius highlights that The PM Prepcast PMP course is divided into five sessions and answered all question syou might have in the above recorded live stream video.

Creating a High-Performing Team

During Lesson 1 you look at how to work with and engage others in a project environment by building a fantastic team to deliver the work.

Starting the Project

During Lesson 2 they cover the tricky aspects of starting a project effectively. You’ll cover everything you need to know about how to plan the work for the best possible kick-off.

Doing the Work

In Lesson 3 they move into talking about how to get the work done efficiently, effectively and with input from all relevant stakeholders.

Keeping the Team on Track

The work has started and the team is busy. But are they working on the right things? In Lesson 4 you’ll learn how to keep the team focused and on track. This is a really important topic for project managers.

Keeping the Business in Mind

Projects are initiated to deliver something useful to the business, so it’s important that you stay aware of the business context for the project. That context frames your project decisions every day.

Included in the training PM PrepCast offers an online video training package that includes One-on-One coaching with the instructor. Which includes 50 hours of content that can be accessed and stored easily on any of your devices and can refer wherever you are.

PM Prepcast PMP Reviews

  • pm prepcast pmp review
  • pm prepcast pmp review
  • pm prepcast pmp review

PM PrepCast training package comes with 90 days money-back guarantee, subject to terms and conditions. If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, you can opt for a refund with multiple options available. 

PMP Exam Simulator

The PM PrepCast exam simulator is a MUST HAVE product that increases the chances of success in the exam. It is a web-based PMP Exam preparation environment. A PMP aspirant can increase his chances of passing the exam by practising with a PMP Exam simulator. Rated at an average of 5.0 (which is very much considerable), the PM Exam Simulator is the only simulator on the market that offers a Live Feedback™ service!

You get access 2,100 PMP Exam Questions

5 PMP Exams in the Simulator

200 of which are clones of the PMP 2021 exam – that the PMI provided to PM Prepcast

Why is this important? The PMP exam old pattern was based on the traditional phase-based approach but now, it is modified to domain-based approach. The new exam has seen the inclusion of Agile methodology. There were 200 objective/multiple-choice questions in the older version of the PMP exam. Now, PMI has included multi-pattern questions and the number of questions is reduced to 180 which all will be evaluated. You have 230 minutes to answer all the questions. PMI has included:

  • Drag and Drop Questions – Candidates may be requested to match the processes with respective process groups.
  • Hot Spot Questions– Candidates will be required to interact with a digital graphic and use their calculations to estimate specific data points.
  • Scenario Based Questions – These questions are case-based, wherein candidates will be required to pick the right option from the scenario given. 
  • Multiple choice Questions –   In this section, questions carry more than one right answer; you have to pick all the correct answers.

The PM Prepcast PMP Exam Simulator Demo

PM Prepcast PMP Exam Simulator provides a realistic online experience that assists you prepare for exam success, any time, anywhere, any device. This simulator offers five features for your success:

Target Score – Statistics from successful students: Students with 70%-90% correct in simulated exam reported 96%-99% exam pass rate.
Quality Questions – Containing 2100 High quality and realistic PMP exam questions created by PMP certified professionals with detailed explanations, complying latest PMI exam policies.
Get HelpClick on the Live Feed Back button to get assistance on any query answered by highly experienced mentors. 
Realistic Simulation – Created to provide a live/real exam environment with all loaded features like a time clock, mark-up, strikeout, and status overview.
Gap Focus – Practice test reports help you to focus on weak domain’s

The more you practice better are the chances of getting success. To achieve that confidence, you need to choose the best exam simulator. The best exam simulator is the one that has quality questions that are close to the real exam questions and comply with the latest PMI ECO.

PM Prepcast PMP Coupon Code – Dec 2022

PM Prepcast typically offers coupon codes and rotates various course offerings monthly at a discount price.  As a PM Prepcast affiliate, I am aware of the latest and sometimes even upcoming PM Prepcast coupon code, which I will share below. Please keep in mind that the coupon code will only work during the date of the sale as indicated. 

Coupon Code: dec22

PM Prepcast Free Options

PM Prepcast has two free options:

You get free 7-day access to the Exam Simulator with 60-questions which is very high quality exam questions as they are a sample from the premium exam simulator.

PM Prepcast has released a redacted version of The PMP® Formula Study Guide. Redacted means that some formulas, acronyms, questions and definitions are visible in clear text, but most of them have been obscured (“greyed out”).

PMP Exam Formula Study Guide

Get a well-rounded approach to studying PMP® Exam formulas. See for yourself, how much valuable content you receive with the Formula Guide. You get:

  • 47 Essential PMP® Formulas – Did you know that there were that many formulas you have to master? We list them all. And you can be sure that they are correct.
  • The Formula Concept – Every formula has a reason it exists. We explain this reason in everyday English. Knowing and understanding this concept makes it easier for you to use the formula.
  • Formula Variations – Many formulas have variations. For instance, the estimate to complete (ETC) can be determined in 4 ways. We demonstrate these ways and explain the differences and tell you when to use each variation.
  • Formula Keywords – Certain formulas are only applicable in specific situations. The PMP® Exam questions use certain keywords to indicate which formula to use. You learn all the keywords. Promise.
  • Result Interpretations – Some PMP® Exam questions ask you to interpret the result of a formula. So we teach you how to interpret them.
  • 19 Important Values to remember – You can be sure that your PMP® Exam contains questions that require you to remember these values. Some of them you have to know to 2 decimal points. You learn the ones you need to know.
  • 27 Formula Related Acronyms – Do you know what EAC, VAC, CPI, CBR, or ROI mean? Your Formula Guide explains them all.

Is PM Prepcast worth it?

If you have the budget this should be a no-brainer. Just having access to PMP Exam Simulator and a community to support you is a huge plus when choosing a training option. The new syllabus has been prepared with people who had inputs in the new 2021 course

Comparing PM-Prepcast’s (OSP International LLC) live virtual course to there such as Velociteach PMP Course it is priced higher. However, PM-PrepCast has a bundle of perks in the package, so it may not be fair to decide just by looking at the price alone.

The PMP Exam simulator is a useful tool for practice, and it is very close to the system you will use in the real exam, in terms of features and visuals. The Prepcast simulator exam gives the user the real exam experience. Additionally, the questions are similar to the real PMP exam and lets you practice thousands of real-like questions. That is why everyone needs the exam simulator:

Finally, so much flexibility in accessing the training material, its composition, students review/rating pricing, and ease in scheduling your sessions at your convenience based on the instructor’s availability makes this a perfect choice for PMP aspirants.

Other PMP Training Options

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