Learning Hack on How to Memorize the PMP Process Chart

I learned the PMP process chart first time round and added it to my study notes second time round as part of my stress-free PMP exam day plan which set me up for sucess.

Learning the 47 process groups can be pretty intimidating at first but once you understand them it is a lot easier. There is not a need to know all inputs, tools & techniques and outputs for the exam.

It does help if you can identify what process in the question is being described and then identifying the next process. I drew out the below table before I started my exam and used it for a couple of questions but not a lot so if you strapped for studying time it’s not a must.

The way I learnt the table is actually quite easy after.

Step 1: Process Groups & Knowledge Areas

The first thing I do is write out all the process groups and the knowledge areas. Then fill in where there are no processes. This is represented below with the shading.

Learning 47 PMP Processes

Step 2: Add Planning Processes

Next add the creating management plans processes for each knowledge area….

Learning 47 PMP Processes

Step 3: Add Control Processes

Next add the control processes which each knowledge area has except the Human Resources Process Group as you don’t control the team this is covered in Manage Team processes which is in executing process group.….

Learning 47 PMP Processes

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Step 4: Add Initiation & Closing Processes

Next add the initiation and closing Process Group which only have 2 each. Initiation is Develop Charter and Identify Stakeholders. For Closing you must close all Procurements and then Close Phase or Project….

Learning 47 PMP Processes

Step 5: Add Executing Processes & Finish Control Process Groups

The executing process group processes are very easy to remember when you have the shaded areas. The only knowledge area which can be tedious is Human resources which has 3 but once you realize they are in executing it’s easy to fill them in. For controlling and monitoring process group there are two new processes Perform Integrated Change Control and Validate Scope.

Learning 47 PMP Processes

Step 6: Finish off Planning Process Group

The only thing I found helpful here was the fact I knew how many processes per knowledge area so I knew how many I had to fill out. In general there are no getting around just knowing the sequence for Scope, Time, Cost and Risk. These will be asked in the exam anyway so well worth your time knowing their sequence and what their purpose is.

Learning 47 PMP Processes

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