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How to Avoid PMP Audit Case Study

When you submit your application for any PMI© examination you are agreeing to comply with the terms of the PMP audit process. Everyone’s application is eligible to be audited but only a percentage are selected.

3 Rules When Submitting an PMP Application

  1. PMI will only recognize 40 hours per week so 160 maximum per month regardless if you worked overtime
  2. No need to include every project as long as you have covered each domain at least once.
  3. Overlapping projects do not count ie. You manage 3 projects in one month you still can only claim 160 hours
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5 Tips for the Perfect PMP Application

For my preparation I wrote up objectives, deliverables and what I did in each domain for every project I was submitting. All I needed to do was provide 300-500 word description per project but instead I wrote 200-300 per applicable domain per project. This gave me great descriptions covering each domain.

The selection of an application for the audit is at random but it is common knowledge on the interwebs that if you follow these 5 rules you have a high chance of avoiding the audit:

  1. Not to repeatedly modify your application as it could set off a flag.
  2. Not to be changing numbers for hours experience as it seems you are fixing the numbers for your convenience.
  3. Do not differentiate from the recommended percentages per process group. The percentages are Initiation 5% to 10%,  Planning 20% to 30%, Executing 20% to 30%, Monitoring & Controlling 20% to 30%, Closing 5% to 10%.
  4. Do have your descriptions & hours written out already in another document so you can just paste into your application to prevent
  5. Do use PMP expected vocabulary, as highlighted in the below table:
Use these words when submitting your PMP Application

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Okay you failed the PMP Audit

Just watch this video and Corneilius will explain your next steps (original article on passing the pmp audit here)

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