10 x House of Quality Template – Excel, PowerPoint

The house of quality is a product development process that is guided by the customer’s needs. It integrates customer needs into a plan and prioritises the development of a product based on what is important to the customer.

House of Quality vs QFD

The house of quality is used by the product development team in the initial stage whereas the quality function deployment is an approach by organizations for the transformation of customer requirements into product specifications.

House of Quality Template Excel

House of Quality Template PowerPoint

House of Quality Template - PowerPoint
House of Quality Template – PowerPoint

House of Quality Template PDF

House of Quality Template - PDF
House of Quality Template – PDF

Why do you need a House of Quality?

The reasons below explain why businesses need a House of Quality.

  • Guides decisions on product design

Customer needs can be everywhere and the process of product development can easily become difficult if needs are not identified. The House of Quality helps understand the features necessary and facilitates the customer to buy the product. It also facilitates the product developers to create an executable and logical structure for the development process. 

  • Increases customer satisfaction  

The goal of a House of Quality is to understand the customers and a template will help figure out the needs and wants of the customers. It will also help focus on features needed for the target audience. This will help you create a product that meets expectations and increase customer satisfaction. 

  • An efficient process

With a template, it becomes easier to identify the areas that are the most important to a customer. This helps efficient allocation of resources including machines, humans, construction materials, computers, and disposable materials to the identified areas for efficient and quicker development.

Why is HOQ important to understand? 

While the HOQ diagram is simple, it’s important to understand the interrelationships and correlations between the rooms.

  • Powerful tool

The power of the House of Quality is in customer inputs, team members’ collaboration, and understanding of the way to convert the whats to hows.

  • Correlation 

There are two rooms requiring you to correlate relationships and understand them. You are required to understand how and what to do and the relevancy of ratings.

  • Requirements delivery

One thing is process design or meeting customer needs and another one is the ability to produce and deliver that service. Coordination is important for the organization to understand the way they can make design tangible.

House of Quality Template Tools


Use this creately visual framework template to understand ratings, and customer needs, and develop products.

House of Quality Template Tool - Creately


With this Lucidchart intuitive template, collaborate and work visually while building mockups, flowcharts, and UML diagrams.

House of Quality Template Tool - Lucidchart

House of Quality Best Practices

The House of Quality is also referred to as the House of Pain. By adopting the following best practices, you can reduce that pain. 

  • Well-defined and direct customer requirements 

Do not assume that you already know the customer’s needs and wants. Get information from them and ensure that every team member agrees to the meaning of it and how the information will be measured.

  • Think both quantitative and qualitative 

The more you can measure and use data, the less you leave to subjectivity and emotion.

  • Be realistic 

You may not always be able to deliver and design the next big thing. Take your organization’s capabilities into account to deliver what you design.

House of Quality FAQs

What is the most important aspect of House of Quality?

The HOQ relies on the identification and maintenance of the customer’s voice. The VOC is a way to obtain and implement the customer’s requirements and needs for their products and services.

What is the conclusion of the House of Quality?

The main benefit of the HOQ is in-house quality. Proactive development is better than reactive development or manufacturing or designing that fulfils the customer’s unarticulated needs.

Whose responsibility is quality?

The project manager is generally responsible for quality management. Some projects may have specific roles for quality control, assurance, or experts.

What type of tool is primarily used in the House of Quality?

The HOQ resembles a house and is created using customer input. Its also considered a primary tool in the Quality Function Deployment and acts as a roadmap to describe the journey from idea to the final product.

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