Free PMP Exam Questions and Answers

200 Free PMP Exam Questions & Answers

Gathering a list of free PMP exam questions and answers is a brilliant study technique for the PMP exam. It was the basis for the below exam when I was studying myself. When studying for PMP exam please do not solely use the PMBOK as study material. It is not written to help you pass the exam. This is why 80% of people fail the PMP exam. Best of luck and please share my pmp exam questions if you find them useful.

The more PMP questions you answer, the more you will be prepared for the exam. As you might know, the exam isn’t just a test of your project management knowledge but how well you can handle the nasty PMI questions written deliberately to increase fail rates so the exam is more prestigious.

What is the best pmp practice exam?

There are 4 practice exams available on PM prepcast that were created by the project management leaders such as Cornelius Fichtner & Elizabeth Harrin who have had input into the actual PMP exam outline.

How many practice exams to take for pmp exam?

As a rule of thum you shoudl take 3 pmp practice exams from different sources with at least 1 full-length pmp practice exam. That said taking pmp practice exams is the best form of studying so take as many as you can if you have time.

What do you want to score on pmp practice exam?

The pass rate of the pmp exam you need 70%+ so we recommend getting 80%+ to feel confident going into the pmp real exam as the exam is harder than the practice pmp exams.

PMP exam when to start taking practice exams?

After you read the PMBOK it worth be worth taking an exam as an anchor point on how well-equipped you actually are to take the exam. The PMBOK doesn’t actually help you pass the exam that is why I recommend taking exams asap to ensure you can answer pmp formula questions.

Where to find pmp practice exam?

PMI “Authorized Training Partners” program is that all ATPs get access to official PMP Exam questions from PMI; hence the updated simulators will be providing a better sense of the type of questions you will be facing.

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