Project Management Templates

Over time I have started gathering lists of project management templates that I find helpful in my day-to-day job. You will find all sorts of pm templates from traditional project management to agile templates.

Project Charter: Free Google Docs Project Charter Template Download (

Project Outline:10 FREE Project Outline Template Google Doc Examples (

Project Roadmap: 10 Free Strategic Roadmap Templates (

Agile Roadmap: 5 Free Agile Roadmap Templates

Project Management Plan Word: Project Plan Template For Word Explained

Project Management Plan Excel: Project Plan Template For Excel Explained

Stakeholder Management Templates

Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder Maps: 13 Free Stakeholder Map Template in Word, PPT, Google & PDF (

Stakeholder Cube: Stakeholder Cube Template & Examples (

Influence Diagram: 7 Influence Diagram Template with Examples (

RACI Matrix: 27 Free RACI Matrix Templates Google Sheet + Others!!! (

Stakeholder Planning

Stakeholder Register: 67+ PMP Stakeholder Register Templates Google, Word, Excel (

Engagement Planning: Stakeholder Engagement Planning Template (

Stakeholder Communication Plan: 15 Mistakes to Avoid with Stakeholders Communication Plan (

Risk Management Templates

Risk Analysis

Concept Mapping: 27+ Concept Map Templates with Download Links (

Fishbone Diagrams: Top 10 Free Fishbone Diagram Templates with Download Links (

Tornado Diagram: Tornado Diagram Project Management Example & Template (

Risk Assessment Matrix: Simple Risk Assessment Matrix Template & Excel Example (

Risk Planning

Risk Register: 61+ Risk Register Templates Free to Use (Google Docs, Excel, PDF) (

RAID Log: Free RAID Log Template for Google Sheets + Excel (

Risk Management Plan: Project Risk Management Plan Template with Agile Risks (

Scope Management

Scope of Work: 79 Free Scope of Work Template in Word, PPT, PDF & Google (

Scope Definition: Project Scope Definition & Scope Statement Template (

Work Breakdown Structures: 39 WBS Templates Google Docs/Sheets (

Annsoff Matrix: 27 x Free Ansoff Matrix Template Google Docs, Word, Excel, Online (


Project Estimating: Free Project Estimation Template with 6 Options (

Rough Order of Magnitude Estimating: Free Rough Order of Magnitude Template (Google Sheets) (

Resource Management

Capacity Planning: 21 Free Capacity Planning Templates – Word, Google Docs (

Resource Planning: 11 Free Resource Planning Templates for Excel + Google Sheets (

Work Schedule: 9/80 Work Schedule Google Doc Template Free to Copy (

Time & Materials Contracts: 4 Time and Materials Contract Templates (Free Download) (

Cost Plus Contract: 7 X Free Cost Plus Contract Templates Google Docs & PDF (

Fixed Price Contract: 11 x FREE Fixed Price Contract Templates Google Doc, PDF (

Procurement Audit Checklist: 5 x Free Procurement Audit Checklist for Project Managers (

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned: 40 Career Changing Lessons Learned Templates for PMs (

Sprint Retrospective: 17 Sprint Retrospective Examples for Exciting End of Sprints (

Agile Retrospectives: 25 Sprint Retrospective Examples for Scrum Masters (

Agile Templates

Roadmapping: 5 Free Agile Roadmap Templates (

Project Templates: 11 Best Agile Templates For Project Management (

Product Backlog Template: 10 Free Product Backlog Templates

User Story Template: 9 x Free User Story Template Google, Excel, Powerpoint (

Sprint Review Template: 9 Free Sprint Review Templates – Word, Google Docs (

Release Plan Template: 7 Free Release Plan Templates – Word, Excel, Powerpoint (

Epic Template:​ E9 x Epic Template Agile – FREE on Google Docs, Word, PPT, PDF (

Kanban Board: 25 x Free Kanban Board Template Excel, Powerpoint, Google Sheets (

Agile Status Reporting: 33 x Agile Status Report Templates Word, Excel, Google (

Agile Business Requirements: 21+ Agile Business Requirements Document Template Google Docs (


Sprint Retro Examples: 25 Sprint Retrospective Examples for Scrum Masters (

Star Stop Continue Retro: 26+ Retro Free Start Stop Continue Template for Free (

What So What Now What Retros: 6 Free What So What Now What Templates Online (

Sailboat Retros: 9 Free x Sailboat Retrospective Templates Online + Word (

Quality Management

Quality Management Plan Template: 5 Free Quality Management Plan Templates

Test Plan Template: 31 x Free Test Plan Templates – Word, Google Docs, Excel (

Release Notes: Release Notes Templates – Word, Google Docs (

Tech Debt Register: 2X Free Technical Debt Register Template Google Sheets & Excel (

Communication Management Templates

Communication Management Plan Template: 5 Free Communication Management Plan Templates

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