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A capability statement acts as a resume of your company and lays its foundation. It outlines the reasons why your company is the best fit for a contract and the benefits you can provide to the agency. Capability statement template is a one or two-page summary of what is done by your company, why it is done, and proof of your company’s previous experience.

Why You Need a Capability Statement

The first impression is a big deal in contracting. The capability statement weeds out and evaluates contract applicants to have one that is eye-catching and presents strengths of your company can be a difference between losing and winning a contract. A capability statement helps you nail down your competencies and the unique aspects of your company. 

How to Write Your Capability Statement

If you are a new or small business, getting started with a capability statement might seem overwhelming as you might not have enough information. However, the following steps can help you manage, no matter what stage or size your company is:

  • Design

The primary focus of your capability statement is the content but design can also have a huge impact. It can serve as an opportunity to make a memorable or eye-catching design or one that is hard to read and forgettable. A good rule is to use a readable font with a maximum of two colours. Your contact information and logo at the top make the statement more professional.

  • Introduction

After you have picked the format and the design, it is time to write an introductory paragraph that describes your company and what services and goods you provide. Make sure to be to the point and concise here but still provide a complete business overview. 

  • Basic Company Info

This is the easiest part of the capability statement since it is only the company information used to contact and identify the business. Things like the company’s point of contact, website, email, phone number, and business address should be included along with other necessary information.

  • Corporate Data

This section includes your company certifications, registrations, and any other relevant information that you might want to provide.

  • Core Competencies

This section describes what your company does well. It provides you with a chance to showcase and elaborate on what you bring to the table for an opportunity or a contract. This section is presented in a bulleted list and gives more information but can still be skimmed.

  • Past Performance

You can list here your previous clients and jobs to demonstrate your history and reliability. This section gives you a chance to build your credibility and authority to show that your company is the best to do the job. It also acts as a reference section, but you can include contact information for the entries. 

  • Differentiators

This is the most time-consuming section of writing the capability statement. In this section, you discuss your competitive edge over your competitors. Differentiates can be your adaptability, experience, supplier relationship, and more. Mention what makes your company stand out from your competitors and develop a detailed list of reasons the agency should select your company.

Capability Statement Template Word

Capability Statement Template PDF

Capability Statement Best Practices

The following are the best practices to prepare a capability statement document for your company:

  • Create the outline
  • List your target audience and the services or products you deliver to them
  • Create a tailored content list according to your target audience
  • Determine the best way in which you can demonstrate the capabilities of your business
  • Create notes about your capabilities
  • Make a draft of each section
  • Present the document in a professional format
  • Spell check, re-read, polish, and edit
  • Proofread the document by a third party
  • Send the document to the prospective clients

Capability Statement FAQs

What is the size of the capability statement?

The size of a capability statement should be one or two pages and it should be to the point. The document must be visually attractive and have graphic elements similar to the ones in your company logo and brand.

What are the essentials of a capability statement?

The essentials of a capability statement are: it should be concise and clear, share relevant and accurate facts, and look appealing and professional.

What are the elements of a capability statement?

There are five critical elements of a capability statement: Past Performance, Core Competencies, Company Data, differentiators, and Contact Information.

Which technique is used to represent capabilities?

Capability-based planning is used to represent capabilities and includes capability mapping techniques to understand what capabilities must be changed so that your company can achieve its strategic objectives. 

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