22 x Business Transition Plan Templates – Word, Excel

A business transition plan defines the steps needed for a successful business transition such as acquisition, merger, or organizational change. It should include analyzing the current state of the business, the desired outcomes, and a plan of action to achieve outcomes. The business transition plan template should also include contingencies, such as how to respond to unexpected events or risks.

Business Transition Plan vs Business Plan

A business transition plan puts priorities, goals, and strategies together for a successful transition. It also helps ensure that all duties and tasks are passed on and documented. On the other hand, a business plan guides you at every stage of your business. 

Why is the Transition Plan Important

A business transition plan puts the priorities, goals, and strategies together for a successful shift. A transition plan also helps ensure that all duties and tasks are passed on and documented. 

These plans are important for roles that are taken by other team members. It’s the best way to make sure things are in control. Having a process to hand over responsibilities facilitates a smooth transition.

Who is the Business Transition Plan Template for

The business transition plan is ideal for managers, executives, and industry teams. It is used to ensure successful business transitions. Templates help teams manage and plan the process of transition and make sure the transition identifies problems or risks and is on schedule.

Business Transition Plan Template Word

The business transition plan template above provides an outline and serves as a guide to your planning and strategy efforts. Add your copy to describe the changes, the situation, different business elements, the impact of transition, communication strategies and issues, and the implementation plan timeline. You can also use these templates for organizational changes that might have an impact on your business.

Business Transition Plan Best Practices

Define your focus areas

Focus areas are the most important categories or topics that you must focus on in your business transition plan. Examples of focus areas are improving communication, maximizing efficiency, and reducing costs. These areas can be decomposed into actions, objectives, and targets.

Think about the objectives under the focus areas

Objectives include the goals you should achieve to reach an outcome. They must be SMART and may include increasing productivity, streamlining processes, maximizing return on investments, and increasing team collaboration.

Set measurable targets 

Set key performance indicators and use them to measure success and track progress. They should be measurable, specific, and aligned with objectives. Examples of key performance indicators may include reducing time for data entry, reducing process time, increasing savings, and increasing meeting frequency.

Implement related projects

Projects are the steps you must take to achieve the KPIs and objectives. Projects should be measurable, specific, and achievable. Examples of projects are automating data entry, automating manual processes, utilizing group chat, and facilitating virtual meetings.

Business Transition Plan Template Excel

Business Transition Plan Template PDF

Business Transition Plan Online Tools


Use the Monday.com business transition plan template to improve your organisation’s productivity by streamlining the transfer of projects, tasks, and department ownership. It provides you with the groundwork for laying out training requirements, establishing goals, and defining a timeline for transition.

Business Transition Plan Template Online Tool - Monday


Creating a business transition plan helps keep continuity within the business and on the team. Use the Atlassian template to successfully transfer knowledge and set the next team member for success in the role.

Business Transition Plan Template Online Tool - Atlassian


Create a transition plan using Asana to keep things moving when conducting business transition planning.

Business Transition Plan Template Online Tool - Asana

Business Transition Plan FAQs

What is the purpose of a transition plan in business?

A business transition plan puts together all priorities in a single place. It also helps ensure that all tasks are documented.

Which tool is beneficial during the transition stage?

A centralized repository for organizing, gathering, and managing requirements is beneficial for effective transition. A good tool for requirements management will allow the operations and business team to keep track of the requirements.

How do you manage business transitions?

Evaluate your team, organize financial statements, review contracts and agreements, document processes, and create a transition team.

What is the scope of a transition plan?

The transition scope is a set of deliverables, activities, and outcomes that the transition is expected to achieve. It should align with the vision and strategic objectives of the organization, and reflect the expectations and needs of the stakeholders.

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