Updated 2023 Brain Sensei Coupon Code for PMP Exam Prep Course

Becoming a PMP is a stressful but exciting time that you are going to love! We are happy to provide you with a Brain Sensei Coupon Code for their PMP offering. First lets see if it’s a good fit for you. If you are looking for a unique PMP online course that will entertain you while learning about PMP, then Brain Sensei course could be perfect for you.

> Unique Way of Learning PMP Material through storytelling
> 4 Practice Exams Included
Can You Try It: Yes they have a free trial where you can try out the first module

That said if you are a serious corporate professional maybe check out PM Prepcast they might better suit your needs. This has be proven to be more suited to creative project managers who work at Apple, Microsoft, Disney & Uber.

Project Managers the office Samurai

As project managers aren’t we already a modern office version of samurai. Slicing features apart into Gantt charts and user stories. We require the same discipline expected of a samurai but we are protecting our budget.

Pass PMp first try with Brain sensei

If you are into the animated story realm? If you love manga (Japanese’s comics)? You will undoubtedly think it’s cool as Brain Sensei PMP tells us a story from a seasoned Sensei teaching his students.

Who made it a rule that online learning should be boring? Getting your online certification shouldn’t be painful, so we set out to create an online learning system that not only works but makes learning interesting.

Dr. John A. Estrella, CMC, PMP & Chris Stafford, PMP, MBA – Brain Sensei Co-Founders

If passing the PMP exam on the first try is your goal, then storytelling is an excellent learning hack to help you. Its an intuitive way to get understanding of the topics that will transform you into a Project Management Professional.

Pass the PMP on First Try with Best PMP Training Option

Do you know why 40-50% of people fail the PMP on first try?

They were too headstrong to pay for extra training.

I know this because I was one of those arrogant project managers who read the PMBOK twice took a few practice exams and ended up with egg on my face.

“What can they teach me that the Project Management Book of Knowledge can’t?”

Shane Drumm PMP, CSM, PMI-ACP May 2017

What I FAILED to do was to prepare for the PMP Exam Questions about the PMBOK which are two completely different things.

Allow me to share a piece of advice: the first thing you have to do even before affiliation to PMI is to enrol on a training program right away that fits your learning practices and techniques that you know that work for you.

Then the big question is: what program should I choose?

You have two choices:

  1. On-Demand (aka self-paced) Online Courses
  2. Classroom setting

A course not for you? The next best thing is a PMP study book here are the top 5!!!

!!! REMEMBER you need 35 training hours, a PMP book will not help you with this !!!.

Is an On-Demand aka self-paced course for me?

Self-paced training demands a lot of discipline and responsibility from you, but also your family and friends: it will require time and dedication from you and support from your relatives.

Hence, before jumping into a self-paced training alternative, you must think if it is the right choice for you.

Overview of Brain Sensei PMP Course

What PMP Brain Sensei Offer?

BrainSensei is an online self-paced PMP training program that offers a disruptive and interactive approach that covers the content from the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide 6th Edition.

As I mentioned before, if you are interested in Bushido and Samurai’s traditions, think for a moment: learning about project management from a Samurai’s Sensei through 9 interactive story-based modules, how cool is this?

These two crazy Canadians; John and Chris have one of the unique ways of teaching PMP by taking advantage of the learning benefits from storytelling through manga-style online training. Imagine learning from an animated story about samurais with katana’s and self-defence included!

The graphic design and manga-style animated stories are used throughout to prepare people to pass the PMP. Its a fact that through storytelling we are more likely to learn and get the messages faster, and that’s critical when you are preparing yourself to take the PMP exam because time is your most valuable asset.

The primary considerations to be aware of before buying any self-paced PMP course are:

How many full PMP exam prep exams are available with Brain Sensei? 

Brain Sensei has extensive practice exam questions, including 4 full exams, allowing you to get familiar with the exam structure and develop your strategies to complete the exam successfully and on time.

Does Brain Sensei offer customer support access of groups for questions, topics review and virtual classroom for sharing studying needs?

Customer support’s response time is less than 1 hour, along with a Facebook group for sharing and get support from the community.

Is the Brain Sensei training available on multi-platforms (e.g. online/offline, PC/mobile, etc.)?

They have a mobile app, but to enjoy the immersive experience we recommend using a laptop/pc/tablet.

How do I get PMP contact hours?

The BrainSensei PMP training program helps you to acquire 35 education hours required to complete the eligibility criteria for the PMP as they are a certified partner with the PMI.

Is PMP really that hard?

PMP has a high failure rate as applicants only read the PMBOK and do not spend enough time reviewing questions and learning to pass the exam.

Putting my excitement for the feudal Japan recreation aside, let me share with you my analysis about  Brain Sensei PMP training program’s offer:

Brain Sensei Your Own Personal Sensei Instructor
Every Applicant has their own Personal Sensei

Brain Sensei PMP Review of Program Offering

When we plan on taking the PMP exam, sometimes we got confused checking too many different sources with numerous recommendations and strategies to pass the PMP exam. 

The most famous “tip” that we find is that we must read the PMBOK Guide at least twice to pass the exam.

Don’t get me wrong, although it is important and needed to read the guide and get into the “PMP mindset”, what is even more crucial is to understand those processes, methodologies and concepts.

I consider the PMBOK a PMP methodology reference book vs teaching you how to improve your day to day project management skills and most importantly help you pass the PMP exam.

Don’t make same mistake as me and just reading the PMBOK.

Brain Sensei PMP Course Delivery

BrainSensei had used a Katana sword to slice the full course content into nine modules allowing the student to focus on the Process Groups she needs the most to develop the knowledge required to pass the exam.

To pass the exam, you must achieve proficiency in all Process Groups; however, depending on your background and past experiences, you will indeed domain some subjects better than others.

BrainSensei’s modular distribution approach is a great and useful learning strategy that will help you to achieve your goal without spending too much time reviewing subjects that you already know.

Quizzes and Self Assessments Brain Sensei PMP Review
Self-Assessment Tests on each PMP module

Brain Sensei PMP Practice Exam Questions: 

With over 900 questions, including 4 full exams, you can get familiar with the kind of problems that you will be facing. If you are looking for more you can always test yourself on one of our free PMP sample exams

The PMP exam is not a regular test, and that is why you must develop a skill set that will allow you to discard double negative and choose the best possible answer, for instance. 

The PMP exam is like a marathon, you must prepare yourself incrementally and gradually and not just jump into 200 questions full exam because the resulting grade achieved will be deceiving, even though you passed.

BrainSensei provides answers explanations, a feature that is tremendously useful because you would learn a lot from your wrong answer after reviewing the descriptions. 

Brain Sesnie Practice Exams
Brain Sesnsei PMP Course includes 900 Questions

PMP Study Plan Progress Tracking

BrainSensei provides a comprehensive dashboard and detailed progress reports to track your evolution and completeness of each module and specific content. Brain Sensei you an out of the box PMP study plan.

They will follow from your first study session until the day of your exam, and keeping records and track of your progress will help you gain confidence and trust in your acquired knowledge.

Access Period to PMP Study Plan

BrainSensei will give you access to the training materials for six months.

In my experience, that period is more than enough to be prepared for the PMP exam. Anything longer you will find yourself delaying the exam with self-doubt. 

In that sense, a study plan between 3 to 4 months is more than attainable to complete your preparation and pass the exam, hence a 6-month access period is appropriate.

Brain Sensei Coupon Code

BrainSensei gives you full access to the first module of the learning program and improves your knowledge about project management’s fundamentals.


The free trial helps you to decide if the Samurai’ storyline approach is suitable for your learning preferences and is a risk-free opportunity to evaluate this e-learning program.

100% Success Guarantee

The guys from BrainSensei are so confident in their methodology and unique approach to teaching you on how to think like a PMP that if you didn’t pass the PMP exam, you could retake the prep course for free.

Brain Sensei Review Reddit & Others

We have been reviewing what kind of feedback has been provided by BrainSensei’s users, and not just follow our first impression.

Brain Sensei PMP Review Reddit
This post has the same video embedded to memorize processes

After checking several reviews, we conclude that 4.63/5.00 rate represents a fair set of feedback from the customers, where most of the comments relate to the storyline and graphic design that kept them engaged and committed with their learning.

Another positive feedback that the BrainSensei’s team received is about quick response time, which shows a dedicated focus on customer satisfaction and support.

What could be better:

One of the aspects that some people think would improve this training program would be to add more real-life situational questions besides the Samurai’s analogies, which for some people seems a little bit anachronic. Another recommendation for improvement suggests adding more practice questions and test exams, which for obvious reasons is understandable and easy to support because as some people say practice makes the “sensei”.

Syncing of progress tracking when switching from computer to mobile app is frustrating.

Alternatives to BrainSensei

As we previously mentioned, there are plenty of alternatives and training resources available to get prepared for taking the PMP exam, and that’s why it is so essential to complete a comprehensive analysis to find the right solution for you.

Brain Sensei vs PM Prepcast

Our PM Prepcast PMP Review highlights that it is our top choice if we were to take a PMP course. This training option is one of the most popular currently available, using a video-based solution to develop and master the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques; anywhere anytime learning capability by a mobile app and providing a certificate for 35 contact hours required to apply for the PMP Exam.

Its value to cost ratio is impressive: PM PrepCast Elite Training cost $299, including 1600+ exam prep questions for 90 days.

Brain Sensei vs Velociteach

Velociteach PMP prep training solutions built on the reputation of its Chairman Andy Crowne, and primarily focus corporate customers that use their program as part of their professional development path for their employees.

Velociteach provides a broad collection of resources and helps you get ready for the PMP exam through different formats including instructor-led trainings and a “Professional Development Units (PDUs) Passport” that would give you access to over 140 PDU’s within 6 to 12 months.

If you would like to take a live 4-day PMP exam prep course, it will cost $2,447, and if you would prefer the online PMP exam prep bundle, it will cost $660 for six months of access like BrainSensei.

Brain Sensei PMP Course Review Conclusion

We have discussed how critical and essential it is to choose the right learning option that meets your requirements. The training you choose needs to help you to achieve the ultimate objective to become to develop the PMI’s mindset as well as to learn the skills, strategies and competences needed to answer the PMP exam successfully.

BrainSensei PMP Training Program provides a compelling set of characteristics that makes it stand out from the market by focusing their training strategy on the benefits of storytelling.

BrainSensei is a training program that would help you to keep you focused, excited and engaged with the training content thanks to the storyline of a beautiful lady samurai that tackles every challenge as a modern project manager would do.

Brain Sensei compliments the story with strength in depth by making 4 full mock exams available with more than 900 practice questions and answers.

In terms of investment, BrainSensei offers a great value to cost ratio for those less traditional students who might feel off trying to learn like being in a classroom but just watching to the screen.

I know that you are ready to become a certified PMP, but are you ready to follow the Samurai’s path?

If it is so, take a step into feudal Japan and prepare yourself to become a PMP.

It is worth just trying the first module free trial to see if this is for you.

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