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Projects are planned by considering several assumptions. These assumptions before the project are implemented or emerge as the project progresses. According to the PMBOK and other references of project management, the assumption log is the project artifact in which the assumptions and constraints are recorded.

They are categorized as registers and logs. Assumptions logs are used for activities that have uncertainty in them. It is therefore natural artifact used in activities that carry uncertainty. Assumptions are an integral part of the planning process and are used as artifacts and input.

Assumption Log
Assumption Log

What Is Included In The Assumption Log?

The following are assigned to each assumption in the assumption log:

  • Description and name
  • Person or owner
  • Category
  • Date logged
  • Uncertainty rating
  • Date due
  • Next review date
  • Impact Level
  • Open or close status
  • Date of closure
  • Action plan 

The assumption log needs to be updated as more information is received and as items are closed. The assumption log is reviewed regularly during an ideal project and activities are verified. Assumptions are prioritized in the log depending on the uncertainty level and the impact on the project where the assumptions are incorrect. Assumptions with the highest potential impact and the highest level of uncertainty are the highest priority.

Assumption Log Examples

Assumption log templateewhich has a field for the Project title and project date, the ID of each assumption, assumption category, responsibility, due date, status, and action.

Below is an assumption log with sample data. Manufacturing, design, supply, and planning have been used against the categories fields. Assumptions have been placed against each category. For example, adequate capacity for the production of prototypes represents an assumption for the manufacturing category, cable dimension assumption represents the design category assumption, and the availability of project resources represents the planning category assumption for the project in the assumption log. Down the free assumption log template from here

Assumption log example
Assumption log

Assumption Log Template Google Sheets

Assumption log template
Assumption Log Template

Assumption Log Best Practices

An assumption log is created during the project initiation phase after the business case and the project charter are created. Assumptions created during the project lifecycle may become project risks or they may develop the potential to become risks. Risk management is therefore performed for this reason on the project. A risk register and risk management plan must be included and the assumptions log must not replace the risk register.

The assumptions log must be updated as more information is obtained and more items are closed. The assumptions log must be regularly reviewed and activities must be verified so that all the project team members are informed and information is captured.

Assumption Log Vs Risk Register

The assumptions log is used by the project manager and the project team members to document, capture, and track project assumptions throughout the life cycle of the project. They are an important part of the project. Assumptions require validation and follow-up to determine if they will or will not impact the project. On the other hand, a risk register is a risk management tool used for the identification of potential risks in an organization or a project to fulfill regulatory compliance.

Assumptions logRisk register
A place to log assumptionsA document to record risks
May or may not include a strategy Must contain a mitigation strategy
Must contain the date identified and the validation dateDoes not contain an identification date

What are project assumptions examples?

Some of the examples of project assumptions are project team will have access to the resources they need, both material and human, and they will have resources to complete tasks on time, from software to specialized equipment to electricity during their working hours.

What is the assumption log in a project?

An assumption log is a document where all the assumptions are logged and which tracks the validation of each assumption. Project assumptions are made out of necessity.

What is a RAID log?

A RAID log is a tool used by project managers to assess assumptions, key risks, dependencies, and issues of a project.

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