33 x Agile Status Report Templates Word, Excel, Google

An agile status report template is a document that captures the current status of a project’s progress and health. The objective of this report is to inform key stakeholders about the project’s progress and to address any issues or questions before they arise.

A traditional project status report describes the project’s progress within a specific time and compares it against the project plan. Whereas, an Agile project status report gives a deeper understanding of project performance and agile trends. It allows frequent trimming of the backlog and an analysis of the product quality. 

Commonly, this report contains information about progress against progress projected in the project plan to ensure that the project is on track and will be completed within a defined time frame. 

Status reports are part of project management as they help in maintaining an effective and healthy communications strategy, by providing updates to the project team, stakeholders, and clients. 

The status report also simplifies the process of communication and standardizes a formal report that keeps every stakeholder in the loop and helps minimize doubts and questions about any section of the project.

Agile Status Report Template Word

Contents of Project Status Report Template

There are many templates available online, and their content may vary. However, your status report should address these key areas.

Project Information

Here you should include the project’s general information.

  • Project details: Report date, Project name, sponsor, project manager, and stakeholders
  • Reporting period: Define if it’s a weekly or monthly report

Project Status Summary

In this section, you’ll inform the team members and project stakeholders about progress.

  • Key Accomplishments: This space highlights the completion of deliverables, milestones, and action items.
  • Completed work: Completed action items
  • Planned work: Planned tasks in scope
  • Project Milestones: Completion of a deliverable, package, or a project phase
  • Project Deliverables: The tasks outcome in project scope necessary for project plan execution
  • Action items: Tasks that need to be completed

Project Health

Here you’ll inform the team members and the stakeholders about the project stats. You’ll talk about the project status in terms of schedule, budget, scope, and quality.

  • Schedule Overview
  • Budget Overview
  • Scope Overview
  • Quality Overview

Risk Management Overview

  • Issues and Risks
  • Roadblocks

Conclusions / Recommendations

Include here resource management, risk management, or project scheduling concerns or recommendations.

Agile Status Report Template Excel

Benefits of Project Status Reporting

A status report is necessary when running a project. Project stakeholders and team members need information, and a status report best delivers a project update.

It is a means to convey project progress in terms of risks, health, and progress. And you want to develop a mechanism that can respond in time to sponsors or stakeholders, who need updates on a regular basis.

Your status report can be daily or monthly, though weekly status reports are most likely.

Regardless of the report’s frequency, you need to have a system in place that makes reporting simple and does not take much time.

If you work on portfolio management, a status report is important. Having a status report, you can access all projects and generate reports on an individual’s performance and project health. You can do this as an overview or in granular data, you can drill down deep as needed. 

One of the best things about the status report templates is that it gets most of the project reporting work done and out of the way. It is even better to work with software that gives tools for the automation of the status reporting process. That frees your team and you for tasks that are more important.

Agile Status Report Template PowerPoint

These agile status report templates will allow you to focus on information, collect event records, and address the bigger picture.

Agile Status Report Template FAQs

What should be included in project status report?

A project status report generally includes the completed work, what follows, the project schedule and a budget summary.

Which are the good practices for writing and compiling a status report?

Understand the audience, decide the objective, format the report and its type, and gather given data and facts.

What is the purpose of a project status report?

It keeps the stakeholders informed about project health aspects such as scope, issues, schedule, cost, and resources and allows the management to address risks and issues. Status reports are also used to document the history of the project.

How often should the status of a project be reported?

There are no wrong or right answers to status reporting frequency, it should be done at a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly duration. The PMO must supplement reporting with a catch-up to identify issues.

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