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Agile Blog Posts

Some of my recent blog posts on Agile Portfolio & Project Management

progressive elaboration example rolling wave

When to Use Progressive Elaboration

The main aim of progressive elaboration is to enable a team to solicit and receive feedback from a range of stakeholders at each stage of a new project. This often leads to a modification of project requirements, and it gives the team the facts, insight, and knowledge it needs to see the project through to

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Agile Portfolio Planning with Distributed Teams

Remote Agile Portfolio Planning with 3 Timezones & 9 Squads…sounds fun right? During COVID my company attempted this. It was their first remote quarterly planning week and truth be told it was a lot more successful than any other. To pull off such a feat we had to heavily rely on collaborative cloud tools such

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Agile Development Methodology Wiki – Agile Beginners Series

Agile development methodology wiki illustrates how Agile is the opposite of traditional waterfall projects where you make a detailed plan and implement the plan. Making detailed plans is an efficient way of approaching projects when it is clear what the end product. When you are not, you need to accept it will take multiple iterations

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Trouble Prioritizing Stories? Try this list of prioritization games to improve engagement and results

Top 10 Customer Value Prioritisation Methods in Agile

This is simply keeping the product backlog prioritised based on delivering maximum value to the customer. As new items are added to the backlog they are compared to current items on the backlog in terms of business value. This is an on-going process throughout the project. > More information Customer Valued Prioritisation from Scrum Study

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5 New Meeting Types to Try with Remote Agile Teams

5 New Meetings Improve Remote Agile Teams Engagement

In 2020 the IT industry has swiftly switched to working from home. Agile Coaches and Agile Project Managers have had to figure out quickly how to get teams working together remotely. They have the task to keep communication flowing during Agile ceremonies. Some find this hard in-person when you are in a room of introverts

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The sectret to project success is effective planning, monitoring and adapting which these tools help you with

Planning, Monitoring & Adapting Tools

An adaptive planning and monitoring approach acknowledges that planning is an ongoing process and the following tools help to pro-actively update the plan. This is one of the biggest difference between traditional static planning to Agile adaptive planning. Agile Reviews Reviews are usually done by experts from outside the team. Their opinions are usually important

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How to Use Retrospectives for Process Improvement

Retrospectives Process Overview After each release/iteration, the Scrum Master/Team Leader should hold a retrospective which can also be called an intraspective. The aim of the retrospective is to improve methods and teamwork by reviewing the past iteration/release. There are 3 core questions that should be answered in every retrospective: What is going well What areas

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Frequent Verification & Validation

Many Agile projects are intangible where software is being created, design etc where the requirements are based on an explanation by the stakeholders. It is very easy for the stakeholder not to clarify what they expect and the team misinterprets the requirements, this is also known as the gulf of evaluation. With Agile projects verification and

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100 Agile Techniques

100 Powerful Agile Tools & Techniques to Conquer All Projects

Quick Navigation​Agile Analysis & DesignProduct RoadmapProgressive ElaborationStory MappingUser StoriesWire-framesCharteringPersona’sAgile ModellingWorkshopsLearning CycleCollection of Collaboration GamesAgile EstimatingWide Band DelphiT-shirt SizingPlanning PokerStory PointsAffinity EstimatingIdeal TimeCommunicationsStakeholder CommunicationBusiness Owners/Sponsor CommunicationTeam CommunicationOsmotic CommunicationsActive ListeningSocial Media BasedBrainstormingTwo-Way CommunicationFeedback MethodsInterpersonal SkillsEmotional IntelligenceAdaptive LeadershipCollaborationNegotiationServant LeadershipConflict ResolutionConflict LevelsMetricsVelocity/Throughput/ProductivityBurn TimeCycle TimeLead TimeWork In Progress (WIP)Defect Detection RateDefect Closure RateEVM for Agile ProjectsEarned Value Management GraphsPlanning, Monitoring

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Agile Skills

35 Skills for Agile Project Managers & Leaders

Developing new skills are critical for agile project manager to understand the processes and expectations in an Agile environment. Project managers used to traditional waterfall projects need to quickly adapt to the new environment to understand expectations. Agile Skills Checklist Active Listening Listening skills are Critical. Agile constant communications Key Steps to Active Listening: Listen,

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Agile Certificate for Beginners? Scrum Master? Agile Coach?

From studying Agile methodologies in college and completing the Scrum master certification I can confidently state that PMI-ACP® is currently the best Agile Certification on the market at the moment. The PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® formally recognises your knowledge of agile principles and your skill with agile techniques. The PMI-ACP® training certificate is the

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Extreme Programming – XP Roles made Easy to Understand

Extreme Programming (XP) Development Methodology is intended to improve software quality and responsiveness to changing customer requirements. Extreme Programming (XP) has a number of roles such XP Programmer, XP Coach, XP Tracker, XP Manager, Doomsayer, Golder Owner and Business Owner The XP Development Methodology has frequent “releases” in short development cycles which is intended to

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