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An action plan template is a checklist of tasks or steps that you need to do to achieve the objectives and goals. An action plan template helps improve planning the teamwork and can be used in project management and by individuals to create a strategy and achieve goals.

Action Plan vs Plan B

An action plan outlines actions in detail so that your team and you know the steps and reach a goal. On the other hand, a plan B is an alternative strategy, a secondary plan, that can be applied by your team if an original plan fails. Whether due to external factors or internal issues, having a plan B is the best way to stay prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Components of an Action Plan

The components of an action plan include

  • A description of targeted goals
  • Steps needed to reach the goal
  • People assigned to each task
  • Schedule of tasks to be completed
  • Resources for the tasks to be completed
  • Progress evaluation measures

Action plans are not created in stone. As circumstances change and the organization grows, you must make adjustments and revisit your action plan to meet needs.

Benefits of an Action Plan

Planning help keep on track and prepare for obstacles ahead. It increases productivity and helps stay focused. Other benefits of an action plan are

  • It highlights the steps you should take and the actions to complete them.
  • Having your goals planned out and written down will help you stay committed and motivated throughout the lifecycle of the project.  
  • An action plan will help you track your progress towards achieving your goal.
  • Listing steps to complete the action plan will help you prioritize tasks.

Action Plan Template Word

Action Plan Template Excel

Action Plan Template PDF

The templates above are free to download, customizable, and printable. They are designed for Microsoft Word and Excel and can also be saved as a PDF documents. Start creating your action plan by choosing the template that meets your needs.

Action Plan Online Tools


The ClickUp Action Plan Template allows you to review action plans quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily using a Whiteboard. This helps setting goals easier by structuring the action items, determining resources and deadlines, and tracking progress to achieve objectives. 

Action Plan Template Tool - Clickup


The Monday Action Plan template is a pre-built and customizable action plan template. It provides you with a framework to achieve your goals and allows you to jump to planning. 

Action Plan Template Tool Monday min


Miro’s action plan template keeps you organized and allows you to get an overview of your goals and projects. Use this template to improve the way you work and keep a track of your work.

Action Plan Template Tool Miro min


Wrike’s Action Plan template can be tailored to fit your team, project, or organization. Design your workspace and personalize your action plans using Wrike’s template to match the processes of your team.

Action Plan Template Tool Wrike min


The Lucidchart Action Plan template will help you assign tasks to your team members and help you accomplish your objectives and goals. 

Action Plan Template Tool Lucidchart min

Action Plan Best Practices

A solid action plan will enable you to turn your dreams into reality. It provides a checklist of tasks and steps that you should complete to achieve goals enabling you to avoid problems and challenges during your journey.

Below are some tips to help you develop an effective action plan:

  • Always identify the smaller tasks by dividing your goals into action steps.
  • Set realistic deadlines and pay attention to tasks. Onboard every team member about the deadlines and priorities so that the plan works for everyone rather than a few people. This will ensure real-time data that can be accessed by everyone and foster commitment towards the project goal.
  • When a task is completed, mark it complete on a chart to track project success and milestones. When tasks are changed or added, inform everyone to help them become more efficient.
  • Assign different tasks to different departments and individuals to allow accountability and create a sense of collective and individual ownership for the action plan
  • Have open and clear communication lines between colleagues and discuss late and pending tasks to achieve consensus on project priorities and objectives. When everyone can contribute through discussions, negotiations, and compromise, project success will be assured.

Action Plan FAQs

Why do we need action plans?

We need an action plan because they provide a framework for how to complete a project efficiently. They help finish tasks in proper order and ensure you don’t miss key steps.

What is the difference between an action plan and a strategic plan?

Action plans make strategic plans operational and bring strategy to life. It provides your staff with tasks, responsibilities, and resources to align strategy and efforts and make them feel impactful, relevant, and engaging.

Who develops an action plan?

The team lead develops an action plan and takes input from team members. Action plans help managers, individuals, and organizations deliver projects successfully.

Is an action plan the same as a deliverable?

An action plan consists of tasks that result in deliverables. These steps are clear with little uncertainty. A project consists of tasks that are performed to create a deliverable. A specific methodology is used to determine the way to achieve deliverables.

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