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2016 PMP Exam Updates

2016 PMP Exam Updates

As of 11th January 2016 the PMI have updated the PMP exam. 25 percent of questions are changing which equates to 50 questions. This said the PMBOK is not changing but these changes have been brought on by the latest Role Delineation Study which is generated every 5-7 years. The Delineation is the PMIs method to practically look at the project management industry by surveying and interviewing on the job project managers. Based on this study the PMI updates their exams to reflect the real world observations they have gathered. This most recent RDS confirmed that the role of project management professional has remained fairly consistent over the past few years. However, there are aspects of the role that have evolved. Some of these areas include:

  • Inclusion of benefits analysis and realization
  • Looking at risk management in terms of opportunity
  • Placing more emphasis on stakeholder management plans and communications
  • Additional focus on lessons learned

The actual changes are 8 new tasks which have been included the PMI PMP Examination Content Outline (I have wrote out the updated tasks for each process group below). These new tasks have put more emphasis on interaction with stakeholders. Here is an overview of all the new tasks:

We have outlined all the tasks per domain in the following posts….

  1. Initiation Process Group Tasks & What to Know
  2. Planning Process Group Tasks & What to Know
  3. Executing Process Group Tasks & What to Know
  4. Monitoring & Controlling Process Group Tasks & What to Know
  5. Closing Process Group Tasks & What to Know

Not so Bad News

Even though 25% of questions are changing (50 questions) these questions won’t be brand new to PMP exam takers. As you may know the PMP exam has 25 unscored questions thatare used to test new questions. The PMI probably used these unscored questions to test new type of questions so they have been vetted so people already comfortable.

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Good News

PMBOK not changing – more theoretical (6th Edition will be published in 2017) so you will not need to buy new versions of any recent books you purchased.  Also the new questions will have been already tested on PMP exam takers using the unscored questions to ensure they are deemed too hard and will have an impact on the median success rate of the exam. Any Crowe and Bill Yates who are bought well respected thought leaders in the project management industry discuss the impact of these changes and everything you need to take into consideration in the below podcast:


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