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200 Question Free PMP Practice Exam

As you start preparing for the PMP exam you need to be taking as many simulated exams as possible. When I was personally preparing I gathered a list of questions and answers to prepare me.

This list was the basis for this practice exam I have created. It is hosted on Google forms which you can access directly here 200 Question free Quiz has been created on Google Forms.

All I ask in return is to share this page with others on social media so we can help each other.

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After learning a lot after my first PMP® exam I approached my second PMP® exam a lot better prepared which I have documented below the exam.

PM Training Study Strategy to PMP

My strategy was based on 3 things which will still help you today:

1. Having Correct PMP Resources

First time round I used the PMBOK® as my main study guide this was a huge mistake. Even though reading the book I understood the concepts the content wasn’t created to prepare me for the exam. The content was used as a reference for creating the exam not created to help you pass the exam.

Invest in textbooks that were created to help you pass the PMP exam as that is why you are taking the exam. There is a reason 80% people fail and I personally feel this was one of the main reasons for my downfall. The textbook I recommend is The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try, Fifth Edition by Andy Crowe.

2. Taking Plenty of PMP Practice Exams

You can’t possibly take too many practice exams before the PMP exam. I recommend trying to simulate the exam day experience by putting 3 hours aside to take the exam. To get the most out of the exams do the following:

  1. Write down all answers on notebook
  2. Mark the exam and document the score
  3. Review all incorrect questions
  4. Do not attempt the exam again till close to the exam

Here is a list of the exams I found the most challenging:

3. Have PMP Exam Day Strategy

The exam day strategy is something I overlooked the first time around. This was a rookie mistake; first time round I used the entire 4 hours answering questions and bearly had time to breath. The second time I took breaks at planned intervals, had 1 hour to revise the exam and still finished with 20 minutes to spare. I go into detail on my PMP exam day strategy in this post but here are high-level tips:

Exam Day Tips

  • Arrive 20 minutes early to exam centre
  • Bring food and a drink with you
  • Take planned breaks to give yourself time to regroup

Best of Luck in the PMP exam and don’t forget to share this free PMP practice exam sample to help others.

Make sure to check out my ultimate PMP study guide post covering everything about PMP.

Working Remotely?

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PMP Practice Exam & Questions FAQ

Is PMP Exam Difficult?

The PMP has a high failure rate due to bad preparation more than the exam is hard. If people just study the PMBOK they will fail. They need to practice answering questions in the PMP format and with the multiple-choice format.

What score do you need to pass PMP exam?

It is not published but it is suggested that 61% is the pass rate which equates to 106 correct answers. An applicant should be targeting 70% in practice exams at a minimum.

What is on the PMP certification test?

The PMP Exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions. 175 questions are graded and 25 are used to test new questions. You can not differentiate between questions. The questions are spilt into the 5 domains in the PMBOK of Initiation (26), Planning (48), Executing (60), Monitoring & Controlling (50), Closing (16).

What happens if fail the PMP exam?

You have three attempts to pass the PMP within a year. There is a retake fee associated to each time you take the exam. If you fail three times you need to wait a year from the date of your last failed exam.

Shane Drumm

Shane is an Agile Project Manager who specialises in digital web projects. He has worked with numerous distributed teams in Asia, Europe, US and Australia. In his spare time, enjoy travelling, cycling, digital start-up ventures and hustling to help other business owners with their digital presence. Find out more about Shane on and please reach out and connect with Shane on LinkedIn.


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