PMI Talent Triangle

pmi talent triangle

PMI® Talent Triangle

As of 1st December 2015 Education PDUs have been given more importance to help improve technical, leadership and business skills of PMI project managers. These 3 skill areas make up the PMI talent triangle which Education PDUs need to work towards improving in project managers.

pmp talent triangle

This is completed by ensuring Project Managers have a minimum of 8 hours of education in each area. Project Managers can complete the remaining 11 hours in any area they choose and there is no maximum for education PDUs accumulated. According to PMI todays employers favour project managers with leadership and business skills to support organizations strategic goals. Those skills are…

  1. Technical Project Management – Efficient in Project, Program and Portfolio management
  2. Strategic & Business Management – Understands industry/organization to deliver business goals
  3. Leadership – Efficient in leadership orientated skills which help business hits business goals.

You are required to acquire a minimum of 8 PDUs per each area and a total of 35 Education PDUs in the 3 year cycle.

pmi talent triangle



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