4. Renew PMP Cert

renew pmp cert

Renew PMP® Cert

You have 3 years to renew PMP® cert before it expires. Within these 3 years you need to accumulate 60 professional development units (PDUs). If you have not accumulated the 60 PDUs you cannot renew your certification. If you have not accumulated the PDUs and renewed within 3 years your credential will be suspended. You will then have one year before you credential expires completely.

The renewal process is defined by the PMI® as a Continuous Certification Requirement Program (CCR) which describes the requirements for individuals for maintaining their PMP credential. CCR defines a three step process….

  1. Attain and report to the PMI® a minimum of 60 PDUs within three years
  2. Complete an application for certification renewal and submit the fees
  3. Agree to the PMP® Code of Professional Conduct

Next Steps to renew pmp cert

On completion of these 3 steps the PMI® will renew your certificate for a period of another three years. It difficult part of the process is earning PDUs. To better understand what a PDU is check out this article.

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pdu categories renew pmp cert

The below diagram demonstrates the breakdown of PDUs, to get more details on what qualifies as a PDU and what is expected when audited click here.

renew pmp cert

education pdu categories renew pmp cert

  • Technical PDUs (ie. Complete Course in Agile Methodology)
  • Strategic & Business Management(ie. Complete Course in Business Acumen)
  • Leadership(ie. Complete Course in Interpersonal skills)

renew pmp cert profession pdu categories

  • Creating New Project Management Knowledge(ie. Present a Webinar or Podcast)
  • Volunteer Service(ie. Coach/Mentor College Students)
  • Working as a Professional(ie. Working as a Project Manager Professionally, You can only claim a limit of 8 PDUs per 3 years)

For more details on PDUs such as what qualifies per category and what is expected when audited check out this article.

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  What is a PMP® PDUs? A PMP PDU is a personal development unit collected by project management professionals (PMP: If you don’t know what a PMP is please read this article now). PMPs need to collect PDUs to renew their certification. One PDU is earned per one hour spent in […]

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