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Monitoring and Controlling Process Group

“The Monitoring and Controlling Process Group consists of those processes required to track, review, and orchestrate the progress and performance of a project; identify any areas in which changes to the plan are required; and initiate the corresponding changes.” – A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) Fifth Edition

The control and monitor process group has 11 processes:

  • Monitor and Control Project/Phase Work (Integration Knowledge Area)
  • Perform Integrated Change Control (Integration Knowledge Area)
  • Control Scope (Scope Knowledge Area)
  • Validate Scope (Scope Knowledge Area)
  • Control Schedule (Time Knowledge Area)
  • Control Costs (Cost Knowledge Area)
  • Perform Quality Control (Quality Knowledge Area)
  • Control Communications (Communications Knowledge Area)
  • Control Risks (Risks Knowledge Area)
  • Control Procurements (Procurements Knowledge Area)
  • Control Stakeholder Engagement (Stakeholder Knowledge Area)

To learn an easy way to remember all of the 47 process to create a table check out this article.

Monitoring and Controlling Phase Tasks

In January 11th 2016 the PMI added tasks 6 and 7 to the list of expected tasks in the monitoring and controlling phase. You can read the impact of these tasks additions here.

Task Detail Task Purpose
Task 1 Measure project performance in order to identify and quantify any variances and corrective actions Identify and quantify any variances and corrective actions.
Task 2 Manage changes by following change management plan Ensure the project goals remain aligned with business needs.
Task 3 Verify project deliverables conform to quality standards established in quality management plan Ensure the project meets requirements and business needs.
Task 4 Monitor and assess risks by deterring whether exposure has changed and evaluating the effectiveness of response strategies. Manage the impact of risks and opportunities on the project.
Task 5 Review the issue log, update if necessary and determine corrective actions. Minimize the impact of issues on the project.
Task 6 Capture, analyse and manage lessons learned management techniques. Enable continuous improvement in the project.
Task 7 Monitor procurement activities according to the procurement plan. Verify compliance with project objectives.

Controlling and Monitoring Process Group PMP

Monitoring and Controlling Phase Study Check List

While I was studying for the PMP exam I kept a list of terms and definitions on the Monitoring and Controlling phase for studying purposes. I turned this list into a study list to test myself by domain same as the exam is structured.

This is my own personal list and not a definitive list. If you have suggested or additions for the list please provide them in the comments section and I will update the list accordingly.

Knowledge Area Do You Understand….
Integration Management Purpose & Objective Monitoring & Controlling Project Work Process
Integration Management Purpose & Objective Perform Integrated Change Control Process
Integration Management What is the process of creating a change in a project?
Integration Management What is the relationship between Monitor & Control vs Perform Integrated Change Control
Integration Management What is a work performance report?
Integration Management Change Controls are used for what?
Integration Management Difference between change and defect?
Integration Management Difference between corrective and preventive actions?
Integration Management What is the phrase for a predicted problem
Integration Management What are the inputs/outputs of Monitor and Control Project
Integration Management What are the inputs/outputs of Perform Integrated Change Control
Scope Management Purpose & Objective Validate Scope Process
Scope Management Purpose & Objective Control Scope Process
Scope Management What are the next steps after someone identifies a required change
Scope Management Explain Variance Analysis
Scope Management What is the difference between Validate and Control Scope?
Scope Management What is the relationship between Validate and Control Scope?
Time Management Purpose & Objective Control Schedule Process
Time Management What 4 techniques are used to review the schedules performance?
Time Management What is Trend Analysis?
Time Management Understand how to calculate Schedule Variance (SV) and Schedule Performance Index (SPI)
Time Management What is the SPI to be behind schedule and what is the expected SPI to ahead of schedule
Cost Management Purpose & Objective Control Costs Process
Cost Management Know the Earned Value Management Formulas
Cost Management Know how to read CPI values if over/under budget
Cost Management What type of graphs can you expect when displaying EV data
Cost Management Understand the formulas specifically for Forecasting ie.EAC
Cost Management What is the purpose of the To-complete Performance Index and how would displayed in a graph
Cost Management What is the difference between Control Account  Work Package
Cost Management Describe Reserve Analysis
Quality Management Purpose & Objective Perform Quality Control Process
Quality Management Difference between Attribute and Variable Sampling
Quality Management What are the 7 basic tools of Quality
Quality Management When would you use a Pareto Chart
Quality Management How does Statistical Sampling work?
Quality Management What is the rule of 7?
Quality Management When is a project considered out of control?
Quality Management When is the 80/20 Rule used?
Quality Management What are the outputs of Control Quality Process?
Quality Management What is the difference between Control Quality and Perform Quality Assurance
Quality Management What is a Quality Audit?
Quality Management Who created Plan-D-Check-Act?
Quality Management What is Kaizen?
Quality Management Explain Just-in-Time
Communication Management Purpose & Objective Control Communications Process
Communication Management How are change requests an output of Control Communications?
Risk Management Purpose & Objective Control Risks Process
Risk Management Who performs Risk Audits and why?
Risk Management What are the two types of risks being “controlled”
Risk Management What type of unknowns are in the contingency reserve
Risk Management When should the risk register be reviewed?
Procurement Management Purpose & Objective Control Procurements Process
Procurement Management Explain the Claims Administration steps
Procurement Management When, how and why does a contract change?
Procurement Management Describe the following contract breaches: minor breach, material breach, fundamental breach, anticipatory breach
Procurement Management What is the difference between express and implied warranties?
Procurement Management What are the inputs to Control Procurements?
Procurement Management What is a Procurement Performance Review
Stakeholder Management Purpose & Objective Control Stakeholder Engagement Process
Stakeholder Management What are the inputs/outputs of Control Stakeholder Process
Stakeholder Management What skills are required to Manage Stakeholder Engagement

If you have suggestions for the list please comment below and I will add them if appropriate.

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