On The Day of PMP Exam Plan

Exam Day Tips

  • When you schedule your exam you will be provided a time and exam centre location. This the time the exam is supposed to start and doesn’t take into consideration the 15 minute tutorial so if you are scheduled for 9am you should be there at latest 8:30am so you can sign in and go through the protocol for accessing the centre. You want to be sitting at the desk taking the tutorial at 8:45am.
  • Make sure you know where the centre is and how you are going to get there and have all relevant information on test centre such as is there parking. You do not want to add any extra stress to occasion so don’t take these for granted.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, you will be supplied with a locker where you will be leaving your phone, wallet, bag etc.
  • Practice the PMP exam plan – this is essential – practice makes perfect do not underestimate the importance of the exam day plan and practising it at least once.
  • Do not spend too long on questions, mark any question you feel hesitant on so you can review them after.

What You Need On The Day

Allowed Forms of ID

In order to be admitted into the Prometric testing center, you must bring a valid, non-expired government-issued identification. Your identification needs to include:

  1. English characters/translation
  2. Your photograph
  3. Your signature (signature not necessary for CAPM and PMI-ACP exams)

If your government-issued identification does not display a photograph or a signature, a secondary form of identification may be used, which includes a photograph and/or signature (whichever is missing from the government-issued identification), and your name printed on the identification. All identification must be current (not expired).

The following are acceptable forms of government-issued identification:
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Valid military ID
  • Valid passport
  • Valid national identification card
The following are acceptable forms of secondary identification:
  • Valid employee ID
  • Valid military ID
  • Valid bank (ATM) card
The following ARE NOT acceptable forms of identification:
  • Social Security cards
  • Library cards

Food & Drink

You will not have time to leave the centre on your break as the clock is not paused so you need to bring food and a drink with you. This is essential to give yourself a food break to break up the exam and let yourself regroup.

PMP Exam Plan

This plan made a huge difference to the exam compared to the first time when I just went in and spent all time on questions with no breaks. I had no milestones to hit and no standard approach so basically a headless chicken.The below layout is presuming your exam starts at 9am…..

08:45am Start Tutorial – All you need to do is click start the system is extremely straight forward to use so you can use this 15mins for writing down all your notes.

09:00am Start PMP Exam – Aim to complete 75 Questions

10:00am Take Break – go to toilet or get a drink

10:05am Restart PMP Exam – Aim to complete 150 Questions

11:05am Take Food Break

11:10am Restart PMP Exam – Complete remaining 50 Questions

12:00am Take Break – go to toilet or get a drink

12:05am Start Review – Firstly go through all questions marked

01:00pm Submit Exam – Get results within a few minutes on the screen



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