Passing PMP Exam Study Plan

Study Plan for Passing PMP Exam 2nd Time Round

After failing the first time I learnt a lot of valuable lessons in my preparation which are listed below.

Reading Correct ResourcesPassing PMP Exam

Originally I just read the PMBOK© which is not sufficient

  • Andy Crowes Pass The PMP Exam First Try is a must to pass the exam which covers everything in the PMBOK© and more. It approaches each chapter with the intention of helping you pass the exam by providing clear
    definitions and practice exam questions after each chapter.
  • Head First PMP this is a great resource for beginners and people who have difficulty understanding the various PMBOK© processes.

Practice Exams

Practice Exams – Originally I just took 3 practice exams from one source. Second time I took over 10 practice exams but most importantly all from different resources. I have listed PMP tests I took here.

On The Day Preparation

Study Notes for Exam Day

When you attempt the PMP exam you will have an opportunity to take a tutorial which is 15 minutes long. Use this time to write up all formulas and study notes you have learned off. I wrote up 3 things which took 14 minutes….

  1. All formulas – It is a must to learn off the PMP formulas and at very least learn all the earned value management formulas. It is crucial to be able to read the CPI & SPI to determine if project behind/ahead of schedule or under/over budget. The easiest way to remember this is high is good and low is bad!
  2. Process Group Table – This can be time consuming to learn so depends on how much time you have available if it is reasonable for you to learn. I only referenced it maybe 5 times total in the exam to clarify next process or help figure out an input/output. I created a post on how I quickly learnt the process group table and so can you here.
  3. Team Building – Understand the different stages of team formation and Maslows Hierarchy of needs

PMP Exam Plan

This is the biggest difference and without a doubt the most important thing you can do to help pass the exam – create a test plan so you have milestones breaking up the exam so you know when to take breaks giving your brain rest which is a must for a 4 hour exam. The plan is as follows….

08:30am Arrive at Exam Centre

08:45am Start Tutorial – All you need to do is click start the system is extremely straight forward to use so you can use this 15mins for writing down all your notes.

09:00am Start PMP Exam – Aim to complete 75 Questions

10:00am Take Break – go to toilet or get a drink

10:05am Restart PMP Exam – Aim to complete 150 Questions

11:05am Take Food Break

11:10am Restart PMP Exam – Complete remaining 50 Questions

12:00am Take Break – go to toilet or get a drink

12:05am Start Review – Firstly go through all questions marked

01:00pm Submit Exam – Get results within a few minutes on the screen

Review all Marked Questions

Do not take for granted the importance of giving yourself a break it gives you time to gather your thoughts and re-motivate going into next round of questions. When attempting the exam I planned on reviewing all 200 questions but I only ended reviewing the marked questions so I recommend marking any question you have any doubt over.

My Actual Exam Content that helped Passing PMP Exam….

The following topics were asked during my exam so I would recommend you at very least know these topics.

Contract Mgmt

  • Risks of Type
  • Choosing a Contract

Earned Value Mgmt

  • CPI & SPI
  • SV & CV and TCPI

Change Request

  • Approach
  • Accepting/Refusing


  • Approach to risk
  • Updating Risk Register

Team Building

  • RAM
  • Forming, Norming etc



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