PMP Initiation Process Group

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PMP Initiation Process Group

“The Initiating Process Group consists of those processes performed to define a new project or a new phase of an existing project by obtaining authorization to start the project or phase.” – A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) Fifth Edition

The initiation process group has 2 processes:

  • Develop Project Charter (Integration Knowledge Area)
  • Identify Stakeholders (Stakeholder Knowledge Area)

To learn an easy way to remember all of the 47 process to create a table check out this article.

Initiation Phase Tasks

On January 11th 2016 the PMI added tasks 2, 7 and 8 to the list of expected tasks in the Initiation phase. You can read the impact of these tasks additions here.

Task Detail Task Purpose
Task 1 Assess project based on available project information, lessons learned documents from previous projects and meeting relevant stakeholders. Support the evaluation of the feasibility of new products or services within the given assumptions/constraints.
Task 2 Identify key deliverables based on business requirements. Manage customer expectations and direct the achievement of project goals.
Task 3 Perform Stakeholder Analysis to align expectations and gather support for project. Align expectations and gain support for project.
Task 4 Identify high level risks, assumptions and constraints by analysing environmental enterprise factors, organizational process assets, historical data and expert judgement to determine a implementation strategy Propose an implementation strategy for the project.
Task 5 Develop the Project Charter and ensure stakeholders are in agreement with its contents. Ensure project stakeholders are in agreement on its elements.
Task 6 Obtain Project Charter sign-off from project sponsor. Formalize the authority assigned to the project manager. And gain commitment and acceptance for the project.
Task 7 Conduct benefit analysis with relevant stakeholders. Validate project alignment with expected business value and organization strategy.
Task 8 Inform stakeholders of approved project charter. Manage expectations on key deliverables, milestones and their roles and responsibilities.

PMP Initiation Tasks 2016

Initiation Phase Study Check List

While I was studying for the PMP exam I kept a list of terms and definitions on the Initiation phase for studying purposes. I turned this list into a study list to test myself by domain same as the exam is structured.

This is my own personal list and not a definitive list. If you have suggested or additions for the list please provide them in the comments section and I will update the list accordingly.

Knowledge Area

Do You Understand…

PMP Framework Define the different Types of Organizations (Who has authority)
PMP Framework What are Enterprise Environmental Factors
PMP Framework What are Organization Process Assets
PMP Framework When do you use Expert Judgement
PMP Framework Define characteristics of a Project including lifecycle
PMP Framework What are Project Constraints
PMP Framework Explain Project vs Portfolio vs Program
PMP Framework What is the role of Project Manager/Expeditor/Coordinator
PMP Framework Define Product Lifecycle
PMP Framework What are the 5 Process Groups
PMP Framework What is Management-By-Objective?
PMP Framework What are the 10 Knowledge Areas
Integration Management Purpose & Objective of Project Charter Process
Integration Management State the inputs to Project Charter
Integration Management Purpose of Statement of Work & Contents
Integration Management Define different Types of Business Cases
Integration Management Choosing Projects based on Benefit Cost Ratio, Net Present Value, Opportunity Cost, Lifecycle Cost, Internal Rate of Return, Depreciation
Integration Management What are the differences between Straight Line Depreciation vs Accelerated Depreciation
Stakeholder Management Purpose & Objective of Identify Stakeholders Process
Stakeholder Management What is a stakeholder
Stakeholder Management Describe Stakeholder Register
Stakeholder Management Describe Power/Interest Grid and Salience Model
Stakeholder Management Define Project Selection; Constrained Optimization vs Economic Value

If you have suggestions for the list please comment below and I will add them if appropriate.

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