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Free PMP Practice Exams


PMP Exam Breakdown

Firstly you should know by now but to make sure you know what to expect. There is a total of 200 questions with only 175 being counted towards the actual mark the other 25 are PMI review questions. The PMI uses the 25 review questions to test new questions to see responses from test takers. You will not be able to distinguish the difference between real and review questions in the exam so it is best to practice full length exams of 200 questions.

Test Breakdown

The Best PMP Practice Exams

Practising exams is the best way to determine….

  1. How ready you are for the exam
  2. Areas you need to focus on to improve
  3. Practising the on the day PMP Exam Plan

For practice exams you should be aiming for results 75%+ to be fully confident in passing the examination. Every time I took an practice exam I wrote down all definitions I got wrong, processes misunderstood and the actual score so I could compare it when I attempted them the second time. I have outlined the best exams I found helpful and relatively similar to the PMP.

Velociteach by Andy Crowe (1800Q)

I had purchased Andy Crowe’s book “Passing PMP My First Try” which included a full length test. The book also included a free trial on Andys website Velociteach (This is the test I attempted the night before the exam as it was full-length and asks similar type questions to the exam). Velociteach has previously won the PMIs Education Provider of the year where it competed with over 1,600 other PMP prep and continuing education providers.

iZenBridge Earned Value Test (15Q)

As Earned Value Management is one of the most important sections of the exam it is crucial being able to answer any type formula question. Once you can get top results in this 15 question exam you will be ready to answer any EVM question. You can get all the earned value management formulas in the free bonus accompanied with this eBook here.

Oliver Lehmann (75Q & 175Q)

Really difficult test but helped me identify new definitions and areas I hadn’t previously heard about. Oliver Lehmann was one the first to create a PMP practice exam online and has been teaching project management principles for over 10 years. Oliver also has a LinkedIn group well worth joining.

Exam Central (200Q)

This was one of my favourite test exams due to the feedback provided. It breaks down answers by process groups so you know where your weakness are to focus on. I only took this exam once due to time constraints but it identified that I was very weak in the initiation process group so I focused more on it and ended up getting Proficient in the area.

PM Study (200Q)

Great simulator for emulating the actual exam and good indicator on your ability of passing the real exam. You can also get a second free exam by using their referral system and sharing within your networks. (You can easily just create other accounts with the referral link which will give your original account access to the second exam).

PM Exam Simulator (200Q) 

A really good simulator with good feedback. This is a good exam to practice your exam strategy and taking advantage of the good simulator.

Head First PMP (200Q) 

Not the most difficult test but is a complete 200 question exam which helps gauge your level. I did the test with the book and online, the book is a great way of learning fundamentals.

Tutorials Point (150Q) 

Has some repeat questions and not extremely difficult. Tutorial Point also provide a comprehensive study material people find useful which is worth checking out.

Passionate Project Management (15Q, 50Q & 100Q) 

Personally didn’t like the way questions divided into 3 sections and never completed the exams.

PMPFor Sure (100Q) 

Really close to the actual PMP exam besides some obvious grammar mistakes. Really beneficial and should be a must for any PMP taker. You do need to register to take the exam though.

Prepare PM (75Q) 

Not exactly like the exam format but hard questions which you will have to rely on your knowledge more than knowing how to answer PMP questions.

Flashcard Questions (1538Q) 

Not an actual exam as in flashcard format but still asks you questions that can help you learn for the PMP exam.

Free for PMI Member’s Tests

These practice exams are only available for PMI members. The link will work if you login into and if you are a member.

Kim Heldman (200Q) 

This 200 question exam is an excellent start point for any PMI members as the questions cover a range of topics making perfect preparation for the real exam.

Christopher Scordo (50Q) 

An excellent start for studying for the PMP exam. The mock tests are divided by knowledge areas which can help you identify where you are weak on.



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