Closing Process Group

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Closing Process Group

“The Closing Process Group consists of those processes performed to conclude all activities across all Project Management Process Groups to formally complete the project, phase, or contractual obligations.” – A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) Fifth Edition

The closing process group has 2 processes:

  • Close Project/Phase Work (Integration Knowledge Area)
  • Close Procurements (Procurements Knowledge Area)

To learn an easy way to remember all of the 47 process to create a table check out this article.

Closing Phase Tasks

In January 11th 2016 the PMI added tasks 6 and 7 to the list of expected tasks in the closing phase. You can read the impact of these tasks additions here.

Task Detail Task Purpose
Task 1 Obtain final acceptance of the project deliverables from relevant stakeholders. Confirm the project scope and deliverables were achieved.
Task 2 Transfer ownership of deliverables to assigned stakeholders according to project plan. Facilitate project closure.
Task 3 Obtain financial, legal and administrative closure in order. Communicate formal project closure and ensure transfer of liability.
Task 4 Prepare and share final project report according to communications management plan. Document project performance and evaluation.
Task 5 Collate all lessons learned created during project and do a final project review. Update organizations knowledge base.
Task 6 Archive project documents and materials. Comply with statutory requirements and for potential use in future projects and audits
Task 7 Obtain feedback from relevant stakeholders. Evaluate their satisfaction

Closing Project PMP

Closing Phase Study Check List

While I was studying for the PMP exam I kept a list of terms and definitions on the Closing phase for studying purposes. I turned this list into a study list to test myself by domain same as the exam is structured.

This is my own personal list and not a definitive list. If you have suggested or additions for the list please provide them in the comments section and I will update the list accordingly.

Knowledge Area Do You Understand….
Integration Management Purpose & Objective Close Project or Phase Process
Integration Management Inputs & Outputs Close Project or Phase Process
Integration Management What is the main output of Close Project or Phase?
Integration Management Describe steps for closing a project
Integration Management What is Product Scope Verification
Integration Management Inputs and Outputs of Close Project/Phase
Integration Management Who has authority to close project?
Integration Management What is purpose of documenting project lessons learned
Integration Management What is updated in Project Closure Process
Integration Management What are requirements to close project?
Procurement Management Purpose & Objective Close Procurements Process
Procurement Management Inputs & Outputs of Close Procurements Process
Procurement Management When do you use a Procurement audit?
Procurement Management Why would you need to negotiate procurements in this process
Procurement Management What is administrative closure?



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