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pmp certification trainingThere are a number of reasons why the PMP certification training is worth the effort. The reason I decided to do the PMP® is because I wanted to learn project management standards and processes. I wanted to be the best project manager possible and understood all the tools to help me achieve this. If you are looking for a quick and easy project management certificate the PMP is simply not for you. The PMP requires a lot of work and time preparing and maintaining the credential.

Firstly some background on the PMP. The PMP® was created by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) a non-profit organization who was founded for the purpose of standardizing project management. As I wanted to become a professional project manager that understood the correct processes and techniques it made sense to do the PMP® examination. I also met the requirements which initiated me applying for the certification.

Why PMP Certification Training is the Best

Here are my top 5 reasons how the PMP is worth it…..

  1. Credibility. PMI has offered certification and is a globally recognized leader in the industry for over 30 years. You can see in the below table amount of PMI credential holders.
  2. Transferability. A PMI certification can move and adapt with your career as its not tied to one industry.
  3. Competitive advantage. When applying for positions having PMP is considered a significant advantage. Also having the PMP certificate can lead to salary increases.
  4. Commitment. By earning and maintaining a PMI certification, you demonstrate the personal growth to develop your knowledge, skills and abilities.
  5. Relevance. By maintaining the PMP certificate you are ensuring that you are up to date with the latest project management philosophies and teachings as it is a PMP maintenance requirement.

pmp certification training

PMP® is suitable for you IF YOU:

• Are responsible for all aspects of a project for the life of a project.

• Lead and direct cross-functional teams to deliver projects within the constraints of time, budget and scope.

pmp certification training

There are other other PMI® certifications if the PMP® doesn’t suit what you do or you don’t meet the requirements. Here is a guideline to identify the best PMI® credential for you….

CAPM® is suitable for you IF YOU:

• Provide subject matter expertise (e.g. finance, marketing, customer care)

• Serve as project sponsors, facilitators, liaisons, or coordinators

• This is a great introductory course which is recommended if you don’t meet PMP® requirements criteria.

PMP-ACP® is suitable for you IF YOU:

• Have experience leading or working on agile project teams or with agile methodologies

• Have training in agile practices

You can find out requirements and other PMI certification in this article.

pmp certification training

What You Will Learn with PMP certification training

With the PMP® you will learn everything about project management except how to use project management software. The syllabus does recommend 47 processes to effectively manage projects but my favourite thing about the PMP was all the techniques used to accomplish these processes.

Hard Skills

You will learn about process and techniques used to manage projects effectively. The processes in PMBOK® overlap and interact throughout the project life cycle. Processes are presented in terms of…

  • Inputs (documents, plans, designs etc)
  • Tools and Techniques (methods to accomplish activities)
  • Outputs (documents, plans designs etc)

The guide recognizes 47 processes that fall into 5 process groups and 10 knowledge areas. You can find out more information on the PMBOK® here.

Soft Skills

Critical skills such communication, team building, negotiation, decision making and motivation techniques. You will be taught tools and techniques on:

  • Team Management Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Different Philosophies
  • PMI Code of Conduct

pmp certification training

The below flowchart goes through the process of applying and maintaining the pmp certification training credential.

pmp certification training

pmp certification training

If you have decided pmp certification training is something that you want to pursue, you need to make sure your are legible and start you’re application. What makes the PMI certifications stand-out is the fact they try their level best to only accredit highly component individuals. Not only are the PMI exams really tough to pass but the application process also helps filter out the best project managers. Unlike other certifications with PMP you need to have previously worked in project management and be able to provide information on the experience.

We go through the entire PMP application process here.



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