1. Is PMP for You?

pmp online training

What is pmp online training?

PMP stands for Project Manager Professional which is a certification accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The PMP exam is based on the Project Manager Book of Knowledge (PMBOK). PMP certification confirms that a project manager is proficient in PMI project management techniques and etiquette. PMP exam was created to develop a high standard of project managers globally with a framework of processes that can be used to manage projects. The processes and techniques thought in the PMBOK can all be applied when necessary but are not requirements to successful projects. The etiquette of the Project Manager is to be applied to every project and the PMI expect all their certified project managers follow their guidelines. The PMP Designation is a standardized exam to achieve statistical consistency. This essentially means two things…

  1. An individual test taker should perform at approximately the same level on two different versions of the exam
  2. The results of all people taking the exam should be normally distributed ie.Should form a bell curve.

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pmp online training

Why pmp online training is Worth Checking Out

Here are my top 4 reasons how the PMP® is worth it…..

  1. Credibility: For over 30 years, PMI® has offered certification and is a globally recognized leader in the industry. Thus being a PMP® you will instantly be recognized as someone who understands tools and processes required to deliver a successful project. You can see in the below table the number of people with PMI® credentials.
  2. Competitive Advantage: PMP® certification holders achieve salary increases, career advancement opportunities and employer recognition.
  3. Commitment: By earning and maintaining a PMI® certification, you continue to develop your knowledge, skills and abilities which is admirable in job candidates for future employers.
  4. Transferability: PMI® certification is not tied to any one specific methodology, industry, or region

pmp online training Credentials

If you want more information about the PMP® certificate we have created the below articles. The most important thing about PMP® certificate is to make sure if you are applicable. The prerequisites for PMP® exam can be found under PMP® Certification Explained article.

pmp online training

If You Are Looking For pmp online training Alternative Certifications

Since then the PMI® has expanded with not just PMP® but other certifications too but the PMP® is their oldest. Other credentials offered by PMI are….

If you are looking for more details on other options you can check out this article other PMI® Certifications.

pmp online training

If you have already decided you want to proceed with the PMP® online training you should check out the next section where we discuss how you can apply for the PMP®.

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