What are the PMP certification requirements

pmp certification requirements

What are the pmp certification requirements

The pmp certification requirements are quiet extensive as it requires formal education and a number of years experience. It is advised to sign-up to professional training to help you pass the exam. It is not sufficient to just read the PMBOK© guide as it is just a reference guide. You also need other resources to complete your preparation. These resources include extra learning materials such as books, video courses, study guides and practice exams. I go through what I studied when attempting the PMP© exam in my study guide. the study guide includes study tips that I picked up while studying for the exam.

The requirements in the Project Management Professional (PMP) Credential Handbook states that a candidate must “Document 35 contact hours of project management education”. This requirement is for all candidates no matter of previous experience.

Project Management Formal Education

There is a very good chance you don’t have any formal project management education. If this is the case you need to make sure the course you pick goes towards formal project management education that is reconsigned by the PMI®. Depending on your college background you might already have project management experience complete in a module. Also you might have completed training in the work place in project management which can also be counted. It is well worth checking any previous training with the instructor to see if it qualifies. The first step is to document all education hours regardless if you think they contribute or not. There is no expiry date or a restricted time frame to have completed education hours. The second step is to classify the education type received.

*Note that the PMI defines “one contact hour is equivalent to one actual hour (60 mins) of training or instruction received”. NOTE: One hour of classroom instruction equals one contact hour. If you have completed a university or college course on project management that met for three hours per week for 15 weeks, you would record 45 contact hours. If only a portion of a course dealt with project management, only the hours spent on project management can be applied toward the total.

Types of Education Providers

35 contact hours can be met by completing courses, workshops and training offered by one of the following types of providers…..

  1. PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P): These are pre approved courses by PMI.
  2. PMI Component Organizations: Theses are PMI Chapter training, specific interest groups.
  3. Training Companies or Consultants: As long as content can be logically mapped to knowledge areas
  4. Company Sponsored Training: As long as content can be logically mapped to knowledge areas
  5. 3rd Party Distance-learning Companies: Can include live instructor training online or just online video course. As long as content can be logically mapped to knowledge areas.

What doesn’t satisfy PMP Education Requirements…..

  1. Self Study (Reading Books)
  2. Degree programme such as an MBA
  3. PMI Chapter meeting unless spent time learning an activity.

What We Recommend

As I had already completed 35 hours of project management education:

  • Studied a project management module in my Honours Degree of Software Development & Networking
  • Studied to become Certified ScrumMaster

I didn’t have to attend any education courses but if I had to I would of chose Velociteach mainly because it is created by Andy Crowe who wrote “The PMP Exam Book, How to Pass PMP in first try” which was the book that really helped me feel confident in my ability to pass the PMP exam.


Velociteach won the PMI’s Education Provider of the year where they competed against 1,600 other PMP exam prep and continuing education providers worldwide. Here are my reasons you should trust Velociteach….

  1. You acquire 35+ contact hours of project management education which meets the perquisites for applying for the credential.
  2. You get access to Velociteach PASSTrack where you are provided with a 4-step Proven Accelerated Study System
  3. You get 4 days of live instruction from a PMP training expert
  4. Get access to all content online which includes 1,800 practice exam questions
  5. Free copy of Andy Crowes best-selling book “The PMP Exam Book, How to Pass PMP in first try”
  6. Velociteach is used by multinational companies such as KPMG, FedEx and Siemens
  7. Ongoing post-class support by Velociteach support team
  8. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you don’t pass the exam within one year after the 3 available tries

After successfully completing this course you will be able to:

  1. Pass the PMP Exam
  2. Identify the primary constraints of a project
  3. Organize projects in the most efficient way  possible
  4. Establish the proper project phases to reduce risk
  5. Monitor and control projects
  6. Communicate properly and accurately with your project stakeholders
  7. Capture Lessons Learned
  8. Manage teams and keep them focused on the right work

Check it out now on their website to help yourself meet the pmp certification requirements.

35 hours project management education



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