PMP Certification Cost

pmp certification cost

What is the pmp certification cost

PMP® certification cost is not the only thing you need to take into consideration when committing to PMP© certifiaction cost. The PMP© requires a lot of effort and should not be considered a quick and easy qualification.

Estimated Budget Required

Applying for the PMP© is free but you need to meet the requirements to apply. One of the requirements is having 35 contact hours of project management. I personally had completed a Computer Management Module in Bachelors Degree so didn’t have to attend any extra classes to qualify. If you haven’t any previous project management education this is going to cost you money. To sit the actual PMP© examination its costs $405 for PMI© Members and $555 for Non-Members. To repeat the exam it costs $275 for Members and $375 for Non-Members.

PMI© Membership

The membership itself cost $139 but for the PMP® examination being a PMI® member saves you $150 immediately. There are also the following benefits….

  • Discounted PMI examination fees
  • Discounted fee for repeat examinations
  • Free copy of the PMBOK© Guide Latest Edition
  • Free ability to gain required PMP PDU (in Category A)
  • Access to a local PMI Chapter

There is a yearly fee of $129 to maintain your membership.

How much is the PMP© Certification Cost?

If you are serious about your career in project management it is recommended to become a PMI© Member. This will enable to participate in local chapter meetings and contribute and get reconsigned in the world of project management.

PMP Certification Cost Items Cost(US$)
PMI Membership Fee US$139
PMP Exam Fee US$405
Total PMP Certification Cost: US$544

To attempt the PMP examination without membership costs $555.

Project Management Study Hours

To apply for the PMP© you need to prove you have completed 35 hours of project management education. This will cost you money but you can combine this cost with study material and use it as preparation for the exam. The PMP preparation courses will clarify if they can go towards the 35 hours required to apply.

*List to be added soon

PMP© Exam Study Material

PMBOK© Guide costs $47.98 but is free to download from the for PMI© members. Reading the PMBOK© isn’t compulsory and some qualified project managers have revealed they passed the exam without reading the PMBOK but you will feel more prepared if you have read it. Also the PMBOK© is a guide or reference point on techniques and processes that can be used in day to day project management and is a great tool to have in your arsenal.

Other study material include the following highly recommended books….

Other course preparation materials can vary from $100 to $2000 which will include video courses, practice exams and other helpful materials to help you pass the exam.

PMP© Practice Exams

There are a lot of free exams you can find online but there is also a number of private examines you can take.

*List to be added soon



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