PMP Certificate

PMP Certification

PMP Certification Online

The PMP® certification online is accredited by the PMI who are a globally recognized organization. The PMP© certification online is intended for individuals who have at least 3 years of project management experience and want to get certified. Prior to taking the exam, the PMI® requires you to prove you have 3+ years work experience as a project manager. PMP® certification training course is designed to help you earn your PMP® certificate. However, this course can be taken by anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of project management. The ideal candidates for taking the exam are…

  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Programme Managers

To define a project manager it would be the person who leads a project to completion. Project Manager tasks include but not limited to planning, executing and closing of a project while managing resources and scope of the project. A projects success is measured against its objectives outlined before the project is started. It is the project managers responsibility to ensure the objectives are obtainable against time, scope and cost.

The project manager is also expected to ensure the objectives aren’t changed during the project without modifying the time, scope and cost of the project. In some organizations projects are not assigned official project managers and the team leads or even executives/engineers have to manage the project within their area of expertise. Examples of this would be business analyst creating charter document, developer managing development or QA manage testing and releasing. This experience can be used when applying for PMP® certification.

What is PMP Cert

What is PMP® Certification Online

PMP® certification confirms that a project manager is proficient in PMI® project management techniques and etiquette. PMP® exam was created to develop a high standard of project managers globally with a framework of processes that can be used to manage projects. The processes and techniques thought in the PMBOK® guide can all be applied when necessary but are not requirements. The etiquette of the Project Manager is to be applied to every project and the PMI expect all their certified project managers follow their guidelines.

The most important thing about PMP is to make sure if you are applicable, to become PMP certified you need to meet a range of requirements. The prerequisites for PMP® can be found under PMP® Certification Explained article below.

If you have already decided you want to proceed with the PMP® certification online you should check out the next section where we discuss how you can apply for the PMP.

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