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My name is Shane Drumm PMP®, PMI-ACP®, CSM I’m the person behind PM-Training.net. I’m originally from a small town called Newmarket in County Cork, Ireland. Previously studied at Cork Institute of Technology completing an Honours Degree in Software Development & Networking and a Masters in Media Design.

Project Management is something that always interested me just; just after a few months in the first job I was researching possible project management qualifications to help progress my career. More importantly, I wanted a thorough understanding of project management processes and tools to successfully deliver projects. This lead me to speaking to professionals in the workplace I was recommended to check out the PMP© certification.

4,500 Hours Leading & Directing Projects

Unfortunately, at the time I didn’t meet the PMI perquisites of 4,500 hours leading and directing projects but it was what I was looking for as they taught project management as a standard. In the meantime, I became Certified ScrumMaster from Scrum Alliance as I was working with Scrum teams while building up my experience. In 2015 I had accumulated the hours to be eligible and began my application process. I spent 3 months on the PMP application, which was far too much time on an application but I successfully got approved and never got audited.

After doing some basic research on-line and purchasing the PMBOK® Guide. I scheduled the exam for 5 weeks after getting approved. This meant I would be complete before holidays and was my biggest mistake. I simply did not give the PMP® the deserved time and effort it required. My studying focused around the PMBOK® Guide and attempted a few practice tests. When attempting the actual exam I was 30 minutes late, only knew some formulas and had no exam strategy. Besides all this, I was confident when clicking submit that I passed but obviously I failed miserably. To add to this misery I later found out that 80% of people fail the first time.

80% People Fail First Time

Second time round I had learnt from my mistakes. Firstly, I gave myself 3 months preparation time, read appropriate resources, attempted the best practice tests, knew all formulas and most importantly had a plan of action for the day of the exam. This combination leads to my successful completion of the exam and now a proud Project Management Professional. I wrote up a post with all my tips and study plan on passing PMP® well worth checking out. The key difference from the first time was:

  1. Studying material created to help you pass the exam
  2. Completing multiple sample exams and studying any wrong answers
  3. Having an exam day plan

Originally PM-Training.net was created as a simple blog to motivate me to complete the exam to the best of my ability. It was a great way of learning – creating blog posts on formulas, terms I had difficulty with learning and keeping myself accountable. Now I am after completing the PMP® qualification I decided to put all the material I wrote up together to form an eBook to help people know all the facts and have a simple roadmap for passing the PMP exam.

I hope this blog does help you and you won’t be one of the 80% fails the first time and feel free to contact me as I would love your feedback.

As of April 2016, I’m now a certified PMI-ACP® and account the motivation of getting it so quickly after the PMP® to this blog wanting to provide readers with a full picture of possible project management training.

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Shane Drumm PMP®, PMI-ACP®, CSM

Creator of PM-Training.net


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