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Shane is an Agile Project Manager who specialises in digital web projects. If you have online ambitions check out the various web services Shane offers here!

agile skills and knowledge
While studying for the PMI-ACP® exam I kept a list of knowledge and skills associated with Agile project management. I used this list to as a studying resource to help me pass the exam and become efficient in Agile skills and knowledge. Agile Skills Active Listening Listening skills are Critical. […]

Agile Skills & Knowledge

PMI-ACP Certification
The Best Agile Certification in 2016 From studying Agile methodologies in college and completing the Scrum master certification I can confidently state that PMI-ACP® is currently the best Agile Certification on the market at the moment. The PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® formally recognises your knowledge of agile principles and […]

100% Best Agile Certification

xp practicesAgile Development Methodology Wiki 1
Extreme Programming – Complete List of XP Practices Extreme Programming (XP) Development Methodology is intended to improve software quality and responsiveness to changing customer requirements. Extreme Programming (XP) Development Methodology has frequent “releases” in short development cycles which is intended to improve productivity and introduce checkpoints so new customer requirements […]

Extreme Programming (XP) Development Methodology

lean software development
Lean Project Management The phrase Lean Project Management is an adoption from lean manufacturing which is focused in eliminating waste. Lean Manufacturing methods were developed by Toyota from studying the work process in supermarkets fulfilling stock needs. The supermarkets were able to fill the shelves with just enough product to […]

Lean Project Management

2016 PMP Exam Updates As of 11th January 2016 the PMI have updated the PMP exam. 25 percent of questions are changing which equates to 50 questions. This said the PMBOK is not changing but these changes have been brought on by the latest Role Delineation Study which is generated […]

2016 PMP Exam Updates

PMP Terms & Concepts
Learning PMP Terms & Concepts There are loads of terms and concepts to learn when it comes to project management and particularly for PMP. You will not be asked to derive definitions in the PMP© exam as its a multiple choice but being able to identify what a term or […]

Important PMP Terms & Concepts

Learning 47 PMP Processes 3
Simple Way of Learning 47 PMP Processes Learning the 47 process groups can be pretty intimidating at first but once you understand them it is a lot easier. There is not a need to know all inputs, tools & techniques and outputs for the exam. It does help if you […]

Learning 47 PMP Processes

Passing PMP Exam
The PMP Exam How to Pass On Your First Try This book is written by Andy Crowe and is highly recommended by nearly all PMP professionals. I found it very similar to the PMBOK© in its delivery of content but more focused on helping you pass the exam. It helps […]

PMP Exam Book Andy Crowe Review