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pdu categories
PDU Categories Explained A PDU is defined by the PMI as a measuring unit for structural learning in Project Management. One PDU is earned per one hour spent in structured learning activity. There are 6 categories of PDUs…. Category Description A Activities offered by PMI R.E.P.s, chapters, or communities B […]

PDU Categories

pmi talent triangle
PMI® Talent Triangle As of 1st December 2015 Education PDUs have been given more importance to help improve technical, leadership and business skills of PMI project managers. These 3 skill areas make up the PMI talent triangle which Education PDUs need to work towards improving in project managers. This is […]

PMI Talent Triangle

  What is a PMP® PDUs? A PMP PDU is a personal development unit collected by project management professionals (PMP: If you don’t know what a PMP is please read this article now). PMPs need to collect PDUs to renew their certification. One PDU is earned per one hour spent in […]

PMP PDUs Explained